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Tuesday 10

1. I have to put my right shoe on before my left or I'm effed the rest of the day.

2. Seeing as though Kaleb has been some sorta sick since, oh I don't know, CHRISTMAS, he has become quite the booger-picking-expert. I don't promote the booger picking but I don't always stop him because we've all had those inconvenient ones that feel like they are in there, stabbing a hole into the side of our nose.

3. Speaking of experts, society as a whole, have become experts in whining and complaining. I know I complain about first world crap a lot but I try really hard not to complain about actual life shit. Know why? Because there is always someone who has it harder and when you complain about your problems, they just wanna punch you.

4. I've spent an entire paycheck at CVS pharmacy this winter season and it's still damn winter outside.

5. Jessica Simpson says she goes to weight watchers group meetings. How many of us actually believe that? Because, I mean....I'm sure, Jessica, I'm sure.

6. That moment you think, GAH this would make a good one for Tuesday 10 but I can't post it cause folks actually read my blog.

7. Trying to explain "Internet connection buffering" to an iPad-lovin 2.5yr old is like trying to explain to me why you think your cat is worth having as a pet. 8. I'm not the only person on this planet that changes their hair color 4 times a year. Get over it. 9. Being 30yrs old and still crying whilst watching Homeward Bound can only mean 1 thing, it's almost that time of the month... 10. I'm gonna hate. Big surprise huh? Sean and Catherine's wedding?!? I wasted 2hrs of my life listening to Catherine say "grown sexy." She knows she's not grown so that's why she tried so hard to make it "grown." She giggled entirely too much. And the décor? Sorry but your fancy ass florist didn't accomplish grown sexy either because baby pink isn't grown or sexy. And why didn't we get to see the reception?! Ugh. My opinion about Sharleen remains the same. She's fake. Buuuut, what is JP's deal with her? She told him she prob doesn't want kids and he gave her the rose anyways?

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