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Tuesday 10

Last week, three people linked up with me. I know that's nothin' for you big time bloggers out there but it was kinda a big deal for me! It was awesome seeing my Tuesday 10 button show up in my feed. If you are posting a Tuesday 10, make sure you grab my button and please let me know, I love reading other Tuesday 10's!

1. I have a desire to do a sleep study and my only reasoning for this is so I can sleep. I think sleep would be neat.

2. I can operate the brake pedal reasonably well with my left foot. This is vital information you all needed to know.

3. Seeing as how we are just daaayyysss away from Christmas and I still don't have my shit together, I probably should start my shopping for Christmas 2014 in January. I say this every year but every year, here I sit. 4. I had a pity party last week and it wasn't all that fun. Just when I could say I was doing so much better, the giant tears started dropping on my taco bell taco and ruined my week. I really do hate the pity parties. 5. Nothing will remind you that your handwriting sucks quite like addressing 80 Christmas cards. Also. Everyone that gets to write with their naturally dominate hand, sucks! I'm not supposed to be left handed, damnit!

6. Rubbing alcohol gets out black marker on microfiber couches. And off wooden coffee tables. And off carpet.

7. I have additional observations about Frosty the Snowman, seeing as how Kaleb watches it 5 times in a row, every day.

Frosty doesn't know what a traffic light is but he knows how to interpret Hocus Pocus' impression of the Marines and the President. Impressive.

Also. Who the hell eats "frozen Christmas cakes" that look like wedding cakes and were delivered on a train?

8. Many of you read my "we saw Santa and I ended the night in my bra" post this weekend. I've never gotten such a mix of responses. Many of you laughed so hard you cried and some of you just cried, with no laughing. I thought that was interesting because I didn't laugh or cry. That's a lie, I laughed. I also almost had a stroke when I saw folks pinning it on Pinterest! How fancy pants do I feel that my bra made it to Pinterest?!?! Thank you for sharing!!!

9. You folks aren't still really using the crushed ice option are you?! If you can convince me it serves a purpose to have 4.3 million tiny pieces of ice in your drink, you thought about it too hard and need to get a life. Eff the tiny ice.

10. This sums me up well.

The end.

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