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On the First Day of Christmas....

my true loves gave to me....

A surprise I'll never forget nor will I ever be able to repay, yet again. These fine ladies, the same ones that planned my 30th Birthday weekend,

30th Birthday shenanigans back in June

Birthday Limo fun!

all came together and surprised Kaleb and I with 12 Days of Christmas. The sneaky little elves started showing up at my house Saturday morning, when K and I were still in our pajamas. It's possible I hadn't even brushed my hair yet. Good times.

So Denise showed up first, which isn't that odd because we go to one another's house randomly but then when Jennifer knocked on the door and Denise answered the door at my own house, I kinda figured something was up.

Before I knew it, they had me locked up in my bedroom, where I may or maynot have put on a bra and brushed my hair. And teeth.

After what seemed like a while they finally released me and explained that they all came together to provide Kaleb and I with 12 days of Christmas. They had a pile of gifts, one for us to open every day. I of course cried because that's what I do. Don't be fooled by my hardass and meangirl ways. I do have soft sides.

It was truly unexpected, so thoughtful and just over the top. We felt so so loved.

I don't know what I did to deserve friends like these ladies, they are such a God send, esp during this time and always! I was getting so worried that Christmas was going to be difficult, and I know it'll have it's moments but this, this is gonna get us through.

Not because we need material things and toys to get us through but because we are reminded every single day that people are thinking about us and love us.

After the tears were gone and day 1's presents were opened, we sat around, ate pizza and laughed about how I drove home in my bra the night before.

Kaleb's day #1 gift included an airplane ornament. Needless to say he hung it on the tree right away and mommy cried. He tells me every night how "pretty" and "awesome his plane is and that HIS Jennifer gave it to him. Gah, we are loved.

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