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Trick or Treek '13

I have to admit, this might have been the best Halloween yet. Despite the fact I felt lame for not having fall crap on my mantel and our porch, we/I still had an awesome Halloween!

The weekend before the big day, we attended a costume birthday party at a pumpkin patch. Basically it was loads of fun! Kaleb was excited to wear his train costume a little early and of course, celebrate his girl's birthday. We love us some Alli!

Next on our list was carving and painting pumpkins. It's tradition for me to carve with my aunt and so that's just what we did. Kaleb of course painted while mommy managed the big tools. :)

I'm not gonna lie, there was wine involved for those of age.

My little man was PRE-pared for this day y'all. He knew exactly what to do. He knew he'd be carrying a pumpkin, go up to the door, say "trick or treat!" and receive candy. We had it down. He was so very excited when the time came that he told everyone he saw, "happy Halloween!!!" or "it's Halloween!" Way too cute. He also said "trick or treek" instead of treat and I decided it was cuter that way so I said it that way too.

We made our normal stops and then when we went to Aunt Denise's house, Alli and Evan were there as well so we got to trick or treek with them. It was so damn cute.

I guess I enjoyed this year so much because Kaleb grasped what we were doing. He talked to the people at each house and also said thank you to everyone. Plus he left his costume on all night and was pretty proud of his train.

I realize this is probably the last year I'll be able to hide all the candy and he'll forget about it. Of course, I'll throw it away and not eat any of it. Not a single piece.

{shout out to our Aunt Denise here for the Cars stickers...2 sheets of stickers occupying him for dayyyys.}

Hope your Halloween was awesome like ours!

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