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Tuesday 10

1. Candy crush is like the new FarmVille craze that happened 4 years ago. I want no part of it. I let FarmVille change my life for the worse and I refuse to let some candy hoopla do the same.

2. Stress induced weight loss is always an awkward thing to get complimented on. 3. I'm pretty certain Kaleb is ready for soccer. Someone please tell me how these little sport teams work. What's the youngest age you can start them? What time of year does soccer start? Is there such a thing as a "team mom" because I'll need to stay away from that title. I need to know all the things.

4. Number 1 best thing about getting to be home with your sick kid, partaking in nap time. Number 1 worst thing about partaking in nap time with your sick kid, them coughing directly on your face and then getting to partake in the sickness.

5. So, this weekend, instead of saying "poor me ect ect", I said, "what can we be thankful for?" Wanna know what the answer is? Embracing the fact I now have 2 walk-in closets all to myself. It's the little things, you guys.

6. As I was rearranging my closet, I realized I have many amazingly fabulous dresses and no place fabulous to go. If anyone out there needs me to attend like a gala or benefit for/with them, I'm your girl. I need to use these dresses! They need to feel the love. 7. In a couple weeks, I'm either going to be mom-of-the-century or pissed that I wasted a lot of money. I ordered Kaleb a new bed. It's not just any bed though, it's a super special bed that I can't wait to see! This is all in hopes he will want to sleep in his room again. I know y'all are some prayer warriors and this is what we need prayers for right now. Little man seriously needs to get back in his own room before Christmas, he and momma would be so much happier. (as soon as I get his big boy room accomplished, I'll have many many pictures to show y'all!! can't wait!) 8. Also. I need a sushi date. 9. Basically.

10. There was that time in high school/college where it was acceptable to wear the same clothes/pajamas for like 3 days in a row, then you graduated and it became unacceptable. The day it went back to being acceptable is when you became and mother to a child with bronchitis and your name was Samantha. And then you were glad you fit into that category.

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