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Tuesday 10

1. Halloween costume shenangins would be so much cooler if I could sew. No way in hell that'll ever happen though. 2. So the 4th anniversary came and went and I survived. It was much much better than the 3 month anniversary. Time was in my favor this month. I even caught myself jamming out to blurred lines earlier this week. Improvement.

3. If you wrap your front porch in Halloween caution tape with no other Halloween decor in sight, your house looks like a normal ghostbuster crime scene. I mean, don't people know this?

4. This weekend I discovered skittles changed the lime skittle to green apple. This is a game changer for me, y'all. Mind = blown. 5. I have to shout out to my aunt. She cooks for me and the kid once a week. Every Tuesday she brings us food in pint sz containers. Do you know why I ADORE this? I don't have to deal with leftovers. It's just enough for me and Kman. I mean, where else can you get only 3 hot dog buns and wieners?! No where. Only your awesome aunt can do that. 6. I'm about to get all "mom" on you. Kaleb tee-teed on the big potty last night! That's pretty much all I have to say about that, though. He hasn't done it again, nor does he want to. 7. My parents are still on their trip. My mom noticed the quality of my dads emails and put an end to the fun. Now it's just normal emails with correct punctuation in the body of the email. Boo. 8. I heard a commercial that was suggesting to NOT breastfeed and drive. Now, I'll be the first to admit, I do shit I shouldn't do while driving. Yes, I'll text occasionally, I'll eat a snack, ect ect but are they for real?! Are you folks really breastfeeding and driving?!?! I mean...

9. It's likely I have poor elevator etiquette. I might be that mean elevator bitch that doesn't wait for others. I *might* be.

10. It's possible Kaleb and I did some early trick-or-treating and I already ate his candy. I'm sure I'm correct in knowing he wouldn't have liked snickers and baby ruth. I'm mommy, I know all the things. Link up with me!

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