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Tuesday 10

1. God bless the "humor" section on Pinterest. Sometimes it's the fastest and easiest thing to get me through the hard times.

2. I know there are a lot of Texans that will wanna punch me square in the throat for this, but I'm gonna miss summer. I hate sweaters and jackets. Hate. 3. As weird as it sounds, I wish Charles still had a cell phone because I'm pretty sure I'd still text him amazing photos of our son. #breathtakenaway 4. Speaking of changing seasons, do I need to ditch the florescent toes and go back to maroons and blacks? I feel weird wearing hot pink in September while I'm drinking the ever-so-famous pumpkin latte. But then I'm still wearing sleeveless clothes. Season confusion. 5. I feel like I should have enrolled Kaleb into something significant so I could have him hold a chalkboard and say, "Kaleb's first day of something significant." I'm not dogging the chalkboard photos, trust me. When Kaleb starts something really cool, maybe like, sleeping in his own bed, we'll def be letting y'all know via chalkboard signs. 6. Getting a new blog design is more exciting than Christmas morning. Esp when you're working with this gal. That being said, please pay attention in the upcoming couple weeks because I'll have an entirely new blog name/URL. You won't be able to find me here anymore but I'll be sure to update you through a minimum of three social media sites. 7. Bachelorette shenanigans are happening this weekend. It's the only time of your life it's acceptable to be surrounded by questionable sex related items, that blink, in public. 8. I cried a lot this weekend. I suppose it needed to come out but it was pretty rough. I think this is one of those deals where it gets worse before it gets better because it's kinda like, whoa. I've been told it'll be like this for a full year. Super. 9. Kaleb didn't stay in his bed last night. I found him once in the corner of the hallway, once in the rocking chair, once in the guest bed and lastly, right next to his momma, all snuggled up with his feet in my face. I'm drinking a triple shot venti as we speak. 10. Just kidding. I don't have a number 10 today. Better watch out for me, I'm tricky like that.

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