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Tuesday 10

1. I mean, are people trying to look more like the folks on duck dynasty? Because, just don't.

2. Totally loved all the back to school photos yesterday. So cute seeing all the kids looking sharp in their first-day-of-school-outfit that they very carefully picked out with their brand new backpacks that had nothing in them, and not to mention most were larger than the actual kid. What was even cuter, knowing I still have a couple more years before I have to worry about this madness. 3. I've had some time to reflect on everything that happened this summer and I'm just amazed at the people who show sympathy and comfort and then equally amazed at the people who don't. I'm not trying to get anyone reading this to say, "is she talking about me?", I'm just simply saying, some of the people you least expect to show kidness, come out of the wood works with gobs and gobs of support and prayers; the people you would expect to show the most, aren't really around. 4. If you follow me on all my social crap, it's probably really obvious when we're at home being bored. I overgram and blow up FB in the evenings. Hence, last night. I'm kinda a social media whore like that.

5. Speaking of quiet and bored evenings, last night resulted in me making cookie dough, just to eat. This would have been my second time to cook since June but I didn't turn on the oven so it's still just been the one time. Don't tell anyone.

6. I think I'm getting closer to picking a new blog name! I got some inspiration from my last post. You'll have to wait and see! I know you're chomping at the bit.

7. I greatly appreciate folks who are moving my trash can out of the driveway and putting it where it belongs. #secretlittlehelpers

8. If your pregnant and your peeps wanna give you a shower, ask for a diapers and wipes shower. Kaleb has been in this world almost 27 months and I have yet had to buy wipes. Impressive.

9. Pretty much if phantom pain had a throat, I'd punch it.

10. Sometimes we just have the best time together.

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