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Tuesday 10

Happy Tuesday, friends! Sorry I missed ya last Tuesday, we were busy getting tans and eating sand at South Padre. Fun times. Seeing as how I didn't prepare at.all. for this Tuesday ten, I'm not sure what you're gonna get...prob a lot of randomness. Isn't that what it normally is anyways? 1. Beach trip was awesome slash tiresome. Keeping up with a 2yr old ain't no joke. He had a good time but equally had just as many meltdowns. I'll prob have a picture dump for you, soonish. 2. When we got back, my grandmother passed away. It was expected, but none the less, very hard to attend another funeral so soon. Something I learned about her though, she and my grandpa eloped. She packed one small box of her things every night and after her folks were asleep, he would come by the house and pick up the box, without a peep. She moved out of her parents house one box at a time. That's some love dedication right there. 3. I went back to work, again. Givin' it the ole college try. I was ready to go home by 7:55 a.m. That's kinda like college, right? 4. Ummm the Bachelorette?!? Holy dramatic rose ceremony, batman! Actually, it wasn't as dramatic as they told us it would be. When Des was pinning the final rose on Chris, I was playing suspenseful music in the background...(dunt dunt duuuuun), waiting for Brooks to bust in and take over. And then he didn't. And then I was all, "Oh this is the end? I waited 2 hours for this?" And then Juan Pablo came out and they announced he would be the next bachelor and I was all, "yes, Juan Pablo, you are hot but I hate that you have two names but then again, the hottness over rules that". And then I drank another lime-a-rita and went to bed. As a Bachelor side note: ladies, we should have a bachelor viewing party next season! I'll host. Bring your children and we'll stick them in Kaleb's room for 2 hours, let them entertain one another, while we sip adult beverages and drool all in the same. It's a completely logical thing to do on a Monday night. 5. Venezuela or Barcelona? Which one is recommened and who wants to go with me? I'm thinking late summer, 2014. 6. Today was one of those days where I wished I worked from home so no one could see that I was in my pajamas, crying. Instead, everyone got to see me crying in my pajamas. Just kidding, I'm not crying. Or in my pajamas. Or at work. Maybe. I'm confused. 7. Oh, so you CAN post something other than a complaint on FB. Imagine that. 8. I mowed the lawn myself this weekend. It looks like shit. I did a horrible job. I don't understand how I could have messed it up so terribly. But guess what? I did it. So there. 9. I started my Christmas shopping already. Howdoya like me now? 10. One of the bloggers I follow lost her BFF to a domestic violence act. As a mother of three young kiddos, she has decided to write a children's book for the grieving parent....something that might help a young one understand a little more about death and grieving. Once I found out about it, I emailed her immediately and told her God is making her write this book for me, lol! The timing couldn't be more perfect, there is no coincidence here. Anywho, you can read all about it here and she's taking donations to help get the ball rolling. I just think it's a wonderful thing and she's kinda like my angel for writing it. Please help if you can, for me, for her, for Kaleb, for a parent you know who is grieving. Thanks dude.

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