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SO WHAT Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT IF:

  • I ate queso from Taco Cabana at 10 a.m. today and felt no remorse.

  • I let Kaleb run around without a diaper last night because cleaning up pee is sometimes easier than getting dressed.

  • Kaleb spilt goldfish in my car last week and all the crumbs are still on the floor board.

  • Most days, after I pick Kaleb up from daycare, we don't feel like going home so we drive around and listen to "tongs" (songs).

  • After a week, I'm ready for a new manicure because I don't like the color I picked.

  • Right now, I don't really care about reading other blogs, I pretty much just care about writing my own.

  • Our refrigerator consists of only things people have made for us. We have none of our own groceries in there. Except milk. Which my brother bought for us.

  • Most evenings I let Molly hide in the closet because she gets tired of Kaleb running her down with his cozy coup.

  • I'm upset about having to get a new drivers licences because I didn't want to give up my old picture. It was so good. And my new one is so not.

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