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October 25, 2017

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September 28, 2018

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Tuesday 10: #hashtagga

July 16, 2013

1. Kaleb may or may not have watched the bachelorette with me and he may or may not have wanted to kiss me every time he saw Des kissing. #whichwasalot


2. The truth is, reality has set in and it's kinda a bitch. #beinrealwithyall


3. Rainy and cool weather in July really confuses me and makes me unsure about all things life.  #myfabuloustanhasfaded


4. I feel like the people on bachelor/ette must get dehydrated and have liver issues by the end of the show. #booze24/7 #youllneverseethemdrinkwater


5. I think I'll go ahead and write a book on the proper way to approach someone who's lost a loved one...things you should and shouldn't say. #peoplearesofreakinweird 


6. How long can I expect to battle Kaleb at night regarding getting dressed? Also. Are y'all sick of hearing me bitch about this? #ongoingtoddlerissues


7. Sleep is a magical, magical thing. #whenithappens 


8. It's just gonna have to be acceptable that I haven't started writing "thank you's" yet. There are so many to write and I have so many heartfelt things to say but mercy, I can't make myself do it. #notenoughtimein1day


9. Remember how I said my world would be complete if we could post videos on Instagram? I have YET to post one. #realissuesinmylife


10. This morning I put on a dress that hasn't fit me in four years and I said "Ha, take that!" But then I realized I was talking to myself in the mirror and that didn't seem cool at all. #butstillHA #ellipticalresults

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