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SO What! Wednesday

Today I felt like saying SO WHAT! if: I ate a milky way candy bar yesterday because I felt like poo. It made me smile in the end. I might be the only American who doesn't like goldfish and when I smell them on my kids breath, it makes me gag. They are entirely over-rated. I'm feeling like a bad party planner because Kaleb's tractor party may or may not seem a little half ass. There's always next year, right? #lifeiswaytoobusy I haven't washed my car in months. I get pretty happy every time it rains because then at least that's a decent bath for my poor car. The highlight of my Memorial Day is the fact the Bachelorette starts. EEEEEEEEP! #teamdes4life Sometimes I'll go to the dollar store for milk and bread just to avoid the disaster they call HEB. I may have been the only person who didn't realize Taylor Swift was in Austin last night. This is what happens when you only listen to Pandora. Also? God bless all you facebookers, with everyone's posts this morning, I really felt like I was there with ya and THAT, that is my lifelong dream. #not (but for the record, I'm not a total TS hater, I just could.not. have put up with all that pre-teen girly drama) My for real lifelong dream is to write a book that everyone wants to read. Well, that, and to play Plinko on The Price is Right. I'm actually looking forward to being 30. Twenty-nine is kinda for the birds, yo. My OCD kicks in when I don't post a Tuesday 10 and I get all blogger-crazy. It's a goal of mine to never miss a Tuesday 10 but sometimes, sometimes you just don't have 10 things that are worth talking about. Shocker, I know. This Wednesday might qualify for two blog posts. Might. Be on the look-out but don't be disappointed.

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