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Tuesday 10

1. I'm weirded out by the Dorito taco. I finally jumped on the bandwagon (like a year or two late) and tried the damn thing. It's weird because I feel like the nacho taste is gonna jump out and bite you in the ass but it's really barely there. Also, are you supossed to lick your fingers like you would if you were eating the chips? Because I'm pretty sure I've never licked my fingers after a taco. 2. So at what point does it become "too much" dog food for a toddler to eat? 3. You can always tell the difference between the men at the grocery store who are sent by their wives and the ones that are there on their own. If their wife sent them, they're walking around, attached to their cell phone, either talking on it, looking very confused or trying to read the grocery list vis text, again looking confused. If they're there on their own, they never have a shopping cart, just the plain basket and they're buying beer along with a piece of meat. 4. First brutal sunburn of the year came in April. It can only mean one thing, I was straight up, way too pale. 5. It all started with wanting simple highlights. Now, since I can't effing stand to have roots, my hair has very quickly become blonde. I'm like 80% blonde now. The madness must stop somewhere. 6. I have OCD about very few things. One of them being, having matching polish on my fingers and toes. Why can't my OCD revolve around things like, having a spotless home, or an organized closet? 7. Happy Administrative Professionals Day/Week to everyone. We take this week really seriously at my work place because we all know, we're the ones that keep the business world afloat. Period. (I'll be accepting gifts and flowers all week.) 8. Kaleb and I had a full blown conversation this morning. I consider this to be a first. It went a lil something like this: K: Momma shoes? Me: Momma's putting on her shoes right now. K: To go bye bye in mommas car? Me: Yep! We are going bye bye in mommas car. We are going to Granna and Papaws house. K: (points to his jammies) Off? Kaleb's shoes? Me: Granna will change your clothes and put on your shoes when you get to her house. K: and diaper? Me: Yes, and she will change your diaper. Are you ready to go to Miss Becky's? K: Later. After I make hum (means eating) at Nanna's. Me: Ok, we're ready to roll, go get in the car. K: (waves to the dog) Byeeeee Bawlly! A little lame, I know, BUT it was like the first time we carried on a back-and-forth conversation! I was pretty proud of him for knowing what his day was going to consist of. Side note: when he says his own name, it sounds more like Kob and it's just the cutest damn thing. 9. Austin traffic alone is reason enough to continue living in the boondocks. 10. Fast food is becoming much less fast. More times than not, whataburger and taco cabana force you to "please pull ahead" so they can bring your order right out.

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