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Yeah, I pretty much missed like four months of Kaleb's life updates. I suck, I know. BUT the good news, this is going to be the motherload of all updates. It will mostly include the stuff I never wanna forget. Prrrrrobably not that interesting to you, but as the mother of this fantastic little boy, this is the shit I want to remember. I think it's safe to say he is obsessed with all things tractor. My dad has been taking him to see all the tractors almost every Sunday and now Kaleb knows the difference between most of them. If you aren't up on your farm equipment vocab, you probably won't know what any of these things are but Kaleb sure does. Of course he knows tractor, and a combine is "BonBine", a terrigator is a "ticka-gator", he knows the difference between the cotton stripper and the combine, which is pretty inpressive, and he also knows what a sprayer is. His Papaw has also taught him that rain is a good thing and will help the corn grow. Now when it rains, K says, "isssss waining! Papaws Corn!" Kaleb calls Molly, "Bawlly" and I hope that never changes. The way he says "No", sounds more like "Note". Pretty sure he's confused with "don't". He's really into making the sign of the cross these days. Anytime he sees a puddle of water, he dips his hand in, and crosses himself. (We are Catholic). We are 100% off the bottle. We were kinda slow on that process, I know. Keep your comments to yourself. Now that we are in the toddler bed (like for 2 months now), when I put him to bed, he wants me to lay my head down, right next to his. We pray in a whisper, which is so damn cute it almost makes me cry every single time, we tell the angels goodnight and I rub his back. If I try to sit up too fast, he keeps his little arm around my neck and he pulls me back down and tells me to "wait". When he's done with my cuddles, he tells me "bye bye". Shit son, talk about melting your mother's heart. Whew, that kid. Blankie. Oh the blankie. Still going everywhere with us. Still using it to clean up messes. Still using it to play peek-a-boo, and still using it to cover up the dog. Some days there are real seperation issues and blankie has to go in the shower/bath with us. I. Know. Pretty much any older looking man is a "Papaw" Super obsessed with things he can blow on. It all started with the dandelion (hence the dandelion on my blog header, that's all for the Kman), then he became infatuated with seeing what all would move or "fly away" when he blew on it and then he was introduced to bubbles. Oh, mercy, the bubbles. Homeboy wants to blow "bubbas" all.the.time. He even likes to take the bubble wands with him to bed. Please someone buy him bubbles for his birthday. Get extra wands, extra bubbles, whatever they make for bubbles, buy it. No really. We are going through that stuff like nobody's biz. Little man can spot a church a mile away. Even before I realize we're coming up on a church (any church) I hear him in the car seat saying, "urch! urch!" Currently requesting either a bath or shower. No two nights are the same. He wants to take showers with me but then when we get in there, he cries about the water in his face. I do believe his obsession with the shower is watching soap/shampoo go down the drain. At this point, I'm like, whatever kid, at least you're getting something that resembles a bath and you won't stink when you go to daycare. There's an app on the iPad that has a bunch of different animals on it and the first animal he learned was the bison. Now everytime he wants to use the iPad, he says Bison and he goes straight to the truck/tractor puzzle app. He has no interest in the bison any longer, I'm pretty sure that's just what he thinks the iPad is called. He's talking in sentences now. They are Kaleb's version of sentences but no doubt, they are sentences. Needless to say, this guy is amazing me every single day. He is smarter than I ever imagined an-almost 2 yr old being. His eyes will melt your soul. I hope he wants to hold my hand for many more years to come. He is more particular than a 45 yr old bachelor. He wants things to be a certian way and will def let you know when they aren't in order. His love for the outdoors makes me beyond happy and I hope that never changes. He's a thinker. He always has that face like he's trying to figure out things, I pray that he does well in school and likes to learn.

Enough mushy crap? What is he really trying to tell us? (by no means is this list complete, homeboy adds stuff everyday.) Beat-de = Blankie Note = No Mon = C'mon Doze = Toes Bawlly = Molly Dikadown = Get Down Duce = Juice Bone = Phone Wain'in = Raining Bubbaaaaaas = Bubbles Gwwween = Green Poon = Spoon MoMo = Finding Nemo Boss = Bus GoGurt = Yogurt PackPack = Backpack Owie = Alli Niece = Aunt Denise

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