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Tuesday 10

It's Tuesday and here are these 10 things: 1. Curse the strawberries. Curse all the strawberries for smelling like heaven in the grocery store and then tasting like nothing at home. #everytime 2. Does it make me a bad mom because I'm starting to dread bathtime every night? There's no reason really, just dread it. 3. I'm really over the whole, napping for three hours at daycare but then only napping for 1 hr at home on the weekends. Way over it. 4. Regrets and mistakes are just memories made. 5. They say, the more you tweeze your brows, the sooner they'll stop growing there. I say bullshit to that statement. If I didn't tweeze and shape on the reg, I'd have two large caterpillars on my head and I speak the truth at all times. 6. Ultimate stab to the heart moment: not being able to show my son how to fold his hands when we pray. #thingsillalwaysmiss 7. That moment you drop a dresser drawer on your big toe and you yell out curse words so loud, it brings the toddler to tears. I'll be sure to let you know when my toenail falls off. FML 8. So most of y'all know, our fridge went out on Friday. It was pretty fantastic to get that call from my husband. Have you ever had to clean up a fridge/freezer that went out unexpected? It's freaking gross, esp the freezer part. I'll spare you the deets but just know, cleaning up beef and chicken that thawed out is not something you wanna be part of. I bought a new fridge on Friday, spent way more than I wanted, but let's face it, you never really want to spend your paycheck that way. So there's that. 9. When is the last time you laughed so hard you cried? If you can't remember, that's too long. Everyone should have someone in their life that makes them laugh like that. Getcha some. Today. 10. Kaleb does Easter 2013. We had an egg hunt at Church Sunday morning, then went to my brothers for lunch, with another hunt. He had a fun filled day. I think next year he'll understand the whole "egg hunting" thing. After everyone had a nap, we finished our Easter Sunday with a visit to Dairy Queen for blizzards. We're just cool like that.

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