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Tuesday 10: Finish the Sentence Edition

Faithful Tuesday 10 readers...I feel like I'm failing you!! I haven't been feeling "it" for the last few Tuesdays. I dunno if my life is just boring these days or if my writers block is getting the best of me. Either way, I needed a change up for this week so here's a few sentences I finished for ya! Enjoy. 1. If calories didn't count, I would eat.... loaded cheese fries on the reg. 2. When I go to the store, I always buy...little smokies. We have a slight obsession with pigs-in-a-blanket in our house and I never want to have that moment where we're out of the smokies. That would make a sad Saturday morning for the Amidons. 3. Family functions typically...bring a smile to this heart of mine. Some of my family members are my best friends. My aunts are some of the biggest wine drinkers I know and they can kick it with the best of 'em. My cousins were the first friends I knew. We shared childhood together and now we share parenthood. It's a badass feeling. I heart family functions. 4. I think my blog readers...are the Many have told me they look forward to Tuesday10 and that makes my heart happy. 5. I'd much rather be...working at a children's hospital. I know my heart would be on the line all.the.time. but oh how I would love to be working with/for children all day. No matter their condition, they will always lift your spirit. 6. I have an obsession with...all things on my iPhone. It's a sad sad thing but it's true. 7. My work friends/co-workers...get to spend more consecutive time with me than my actual family does. I've been sharing an office with the same lady for 3 years, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. She knows that I'm not a morning person and we normally don't start talking until 8:30. She can tell if I didn't sleep well, she knows if I'm upset about something, she knows as much about Kaleb as I do but has only met him 3 times. We share a love for Mexican food and we both know our ultimate weakness is queso. We have bickered many many times, we've laughed until we couldn't breath countless times and we've cried together. We bitch about life, sex, husbands and kids. We have eachother's back to no end. We've never been to one another's home but some how I feel she should be one of my emergency contacts. Hell, she even knows when I poop and when I don't. If I was found unconscious, she could absolutely update any doctor on my latest condition. We're just tight like that. If you really think about it, when do you spend 8 hours straight, just sitting and talking to your spouse/family, with no real interruptions? Life is too busy for that. So, my work friend, she might just know me best during these eight hours. We don't share the past but we def share the current. 8. When I created my facebook account...I couldn't wait for the day I could change my status from "single" to "in a relationship". All the cool kids were doing it. 9. My least favorite word is absolutely...wiener. 10. I don't really remember...anything before my accident. I have very vague memories of my life before. I've always wondered though, how much do people typically remember before the age of 10?

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