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Tuesday 10

1. Season finale of the Bachelor happened. I wasn't into Catherine at first but I'm really happy he picked her, I really feel like he loves her. Yay them. Also? After all this Bachelor watching, Kaleb finally started walking around last night saying, "Sean?" LOL. I was rolling. "Yes baby, that's Sean." Kaleb was also really impressed with the elephants, they held his attention which worked out nicely for me. How pumped are we for Des being the next Bachelorette?!? My summer just got a whollllle lot better and this makes me sound lame. -side note, were there women wearing robes in the audience last night?! I know it's a watching party and you want to be comfy but my gawd, you're on national television, have some respect for yourself and put some effing clothes on. 2. Anyone else have the issue of becoming unbelievably thirsty after eating cereal? Like, it's unreasonable how thirsty cereal makes me and I don't like it. And for the record, yes I check the sodium. It doesn't matter which cereal I eat, I always feel parched. 3. I may talk a good game on my blog but the truth is, I have a huge heart and it's pretty amazing. I wear it on my sleeve and people like to take advantage of that. I wish I could be better at putting up a wall and telling people, "please be careful with my heart, treat it with care, because it's full of love." 4. I feel like there is no way we can have enough chargers for our apple products in our home. Between the iPhones, iPods and iPads, we are always needing to charge and it seems that some little hands are always carrying them off. This is truly the epitome of our first world problems. 5. I picked up a new television show and I'm in love so far. Red Widow on Sunday nights is where it's at. I've always really been into the whole good-looking-Italian-mob-boss-drug-dealer-type. I'm fairly certain these feelings must stem from a past life. 6. It's possible I just saw The Most fabulous thing in Pinterest....Peep S'mores....I foresee a trip to the dollar store tonight along with an upset stomach from eating too many peeps. #eastercandyissues 7. I'm kinda in love with the fact that my boss is a texter. When old(er) people get with the times, it makes me happy. 8. And then there was that time that no matter what I decided, both choices were the wrong choice and I wanted to own a time machine. 9. My right eye has been twitching for 7 days. How do you make this shit stop? No, but really, what do I do? 10. The best way to cheer yourself up is to try and cheer someone else up. -Mark Twain

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