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Tuesday 10

1. I have many many things to say about the Bachelor but then again I don't even know where to start. Tierra. First thing I noticed was that her makeup was different, it was less and she looked like poo. Secondly, I feel like that scar on her forehead was so prominent on the show and then I didn't see it last night. Weird, I know, but I'm shallow and notice and things like that. My thoughts on Tierra's giant ass engagement ring? Fake. She was entirely too fishy about that whole engagement thing for it to be real. She lost her internal sparkle on the show so she had to purchase herself a little artificial "sparkle" to get her through. Poor thing. She has a long way to go. TEAM DES FOR LIFE. I flippin love her and I hope she's the next bachelorette. AshLee. Oh AshLee. She went from sweet to having the devil in her eyes. Anyone else notice the shift in her eyes? I can't say I blame her though. She's been hurt a lot in her life, obvs, and she's probably just spent. I haven't decided if I believe her accusations or not. That was a alot to accuse him of, but who knows what's really said on the overnight dates. I do still really like her, I just feel like the way she was hurt, got the best of her. We've all been heartbroken by "the perfect guy" before, right? It sucks big time and it's hard to control how we handle it. What would America do without The Bachelor? 2. If I could afford it, I would randomly send my LadyFriends flowers all of the time, just because we deserve it. When I win the lottery ladies, expect flowers from me on the reg. 3. Something I miss the most about having two hands is, clapping. 4. Let's be honest, the real reason we all make cookies is to eat 1 or 4 spoons of the dough. 5. Nothing says parent failure quite like seeing your childs babysitter at a mutual function and your kid acts like a complete terror and you have zero success calming that shit down. 6. I personally don't care for the skinny jean but I always think, "hey if you wanna wear them, go for it, to each his own." I don't, however, want to see your 3yr old SON wearing a pair that are cut so low in the back, his ass crack shows when he bends over. He's three for pete's sake. Let him be normal. He has plenty years in his adult life to show off his ass crack. 7. Dear Texas, pick a season and stick with it longer than 24 hours. Mmmmkay? Thanks. 8. I'm all for taking your son (kid) grocery shopping to teach them how to shop, but doing it during 'rush hour' is the stupidest idea ever. There are 27 people waiting to get to the milk cooler and your giving a science lesson about the different types of milk and why you should check the dates. At least move your carts so the madness known as grocery shopping can continue. 9. I feel like why even build a Starbucks if you're not gonna have a drive-thru. But that's just me. 10. Daddy got to go to a bachelor party this past weekend so Kman and I decided to stay at home and have a little fun of our own. We really needed some quality time together anyways, so it worked out perfectly. There was laughing, very little crying, alot of piggy back riding, hell, there was even chips and queso eating in our pajamas. Things got cra-cra, y'all. Who needs a bachelor party when you can have times like these. Disclaimer: front facing camera freakin suuuucks.

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