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Tuesday 10

1. You know I have to say something about the Bachelor. First off, flippin love Des! She is too cute. I also equally love AshLee. I feel like they'll be the last two standing and I'd be happy with either. If he doesn't pick Des, she would make a great next Bachelorette! Secondly, Tiara is the hottest mess I've ever seen. What the hell is her deal? I can not wait for when the women tell all...there should def be some drama there. I just hope someone helps her with her eyebrows since she can't do it herself, you know. Also. Sparkle? Really? Because that's not what I would call it... 2. Kidney stone update, anyone? So ideally they wanted me to pass the stone that weekend or at least by Monday. I could feel it banging around in my bladder and it was def causing dome discomfort on Monday so I called and made an appt. They said it would probably need to be surgically removed on Tuesday. Thankfully, I passed that little sucker Monday evening. I went to my appt anyways, met the doctor and gave him my little gem. He in turn gave me a list of things to stay away from. At first, I was a little worried about the list b/c I figured it would be all the things I love. Wanna hear some of the crazy things I'll be missing out on? Lamb Quarters Poke Spinach Beets Beet Tops Lime/Lemon/Orange Peel Dried figs Swiss Chard Rhubarb... get the idea, it's mostly weird ass things. The only 2 things that made me sad were, tea and chocolate. Chocolate I can handle, tea is a little harder. The doc said I should make lemonade my new BFF. Sorry, I don't wanna be BFF with lemonade. My BFF is sweet tea. Sigh. So, there's that. I'm going to limit my tea intake and drink more water. Boring. I guess I'd rather be boring than in the ER again, because that was the opposite of boring, yo. 3. How in love have I been with my highlighted hair? So much! How much do I HATE roots? More than anything. Nothing says "trashy" more than chunky highlights with dark roots. I despise this stage and I still have a couple more weeks before I consider it safe-ish to highlight again. I.Feel.Trashy. And slightly sad. 4. So Friday was an unexpected day. I posted something on FB about it and got numerous texts asking if things were okay. I guess I should have clarified that they weren't all bad. It was a mix of hearing from an old friend, making a new unexpected friend at lunch, going from having zero plans, to the bestie inviting me out and me actually being able to go,(thanks to my MIL) and then a whole slew of work shenanigans that I can't really discuss, including, getting spit on, which I shouldn't really consider that to be unexpected, seeing as how it wasn't my first time. 5. Speaking of going out, I met a old guy at the bar this weekend....wait, let me rephrase that, an old guy approached me at the bar this weekend...He asked me where had I been all his life and stated he was the richest man around due to his recently laid-to-rest-wife (who left him 8.5 mill). He also didn't have any teeth and was stoned/drunk off his ass. He pulled a bag of weed out of his pocket, along with a dollar bill. I kept the dollar and told him to keep the goods. He showed me his awesome chest tattoo that said, "trashy white boy" and mentioned I should ditch my husband for him. He had me sold on the no teeth thing. Hey, I've got a college fund to worry about and 8.5 million goes a long way. 6. This weekend I was honored to be part of Denise's engagement photos. I got to do her makeup and go on the shoot with them. I feel I have made full circle considering I did her makeup for prom. I'll be weeping on the day of her wedding. This is not a lie. 7. Okay, so I'm dedicated to posting a smokey eye tutorial...just gotta hook up with someone who has a good camera and photo taking skill. I won't let you down! 8. Listening to Pandora during a shitty work day = a better work day for all involved. 9. I sleep with a stuffed animal that I've had since my second birthday. He's a rabbit who's name is puppy and I'm not afraid to admit this. 10. Question for all my 28 readers...Are there times you would like me to elaborate on certain items that appear in Tuesday 10? Are there things that you feel like should be a post on their own? Or do you like the tidbit info that I give? Just curious. I love to blog but I feel like if I blog too much, my posts will become boring. I'd love your feedback on this and if there's ever anything you want to know more about, (except certain work stories b/c I can't really elaborate publically on those) just let me know! I love knowing my readers are excited to read my lil' ole blog.

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