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How is it already time for the 20 month update?

So I realized that Kaleb is closer to 2yrs old than 1yr old. Well duh, Samantha. But for real! When did this go down? I'm scared of two. One seemed a lot less scary. I think I'll just focus on the fact I still have until May before life hands me an actual 2 yr old. Can we say denial? So since I'm into lists and such, here's a list of fun updates on the Kman. 1. Anything that remotely resembles a phone he puts up to his ear and says "Ah-llo"! 2. He knows what a mess is and immediately wants to "lean" it up with his blankie. 3. He knows the difference between a truck, tractor, car and bus. 4. Any kid without hair is automatically a baby to him. Which is ironic because of his own hair situation. 5. He absolutely knows that we are supposed to pee and poop in the potty but can't get around to sitting there. He's really into just going on the floor. 6. He knows the difference between up and down. When he walks down a hill or incline he immediately says "doWn" and then anything up he says "uuuuuP". He also knows when we are backing up in the car..."baaaaaaack up". 7. We can be in any church or in any place that has either a figurine or picture of Jesus and he points him out right away and says Jesus. However, we are struggling with behavior in church. He doesn't understand whisper and he of course wants to run everywhere. 8. He loves to put his hand up to his ear and say, "listen!" 9. It took me forever to realize he was saying Molly because it sounds more like "baller" or even "balla". This whole time I thought he was just polishing up his ghetto lingo. 10. I'm only saying this out loud because I need to be able to look back on it: He's been eating better. I think he hit a growth spurt and he's actually asking for food. But shhhh don't let him know I told you. 11. He's been doing this for months but...When I get him out of the crib in the morning, he looks down at my feet to see if I'm wearing "chooos" because if I am, he knows we are going "bye bye" (i.e. he's going to the sitter and momma is going to work). If I'm not wearing "choos" he knows we're staying at home and he's ready to start playing. 12. When I noticed fewer and fewer photos of Kaleb on my phone, I started feeling like a crappy mom but the truth is, he's just too damn busy for photos. This kid just doesn't sit still anymore. He is a busy body to say the least. We are in full blown boy mode. Here are a few as of lately.

Bath Time might be the easiest time to get a photo but then you get attitude.

See what I mean, totally not impressed.

He's really into licking things. Awesome.

Gone are the days of just carrying him to bed, he now insists on driving to his room.

Better not forget the blankie.

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