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Truthful Tuesday 10

You know you have those days where you just feel like you need to speak the truth? Get things off your chest? I'm having one of those days so I'm including you.

The Truth of the Matter is...

1. I've been writing a lot lately but haven't felt like publishing it for the whole world to see. I feel like I'm in such a weird place in my life and it doesn't have anything to do with anyone except me. It's all me. I'm kinda in a funk but then again, I'm really happy. I can't expect anyone to understand if I don't understand myself. So that's the first truth. 2. I've always kinda wanted to live with the Amish for like a month. My friend Amanda can testify to this. It's something I've talked about for years and I think it would be completey awesome. My husband laughs at me because he doesn't think I could go without "the finer things" for a month but I totally got this. 3. I gave myself a pedicure and I feel like it looks just as good but I would so much rather pay the $25 to have it done. 4. Sometimes I wish we could all see the world through filters as they appear on Instagram. That pile of laundry that's staring back at me would look so much prettier with the early bird filter. 5. Life is about give and take but sometimes you wanna be selfish and take take take. This isn't really acceptable for adults, though. We should really know better. 6. It's possible that I realized how bad our shower needed to be cleaned while I was actually taking a shower so I may or may not have cleaned it, right then and there. I'm a 2-birds-with-one-stone-kinda gal. 7. I never knew how to spell the word cynical until today...and it makes me sad that I had a use for it. 8. Sometimes I feel lazy and don't want to give Kaleb a bath so he takes a shower with me. I told you, two birds/one stone. 9. I absolutely lost all control of my emotions last night during the bachelor. Sean took AshLee to the amusement park to have a day with those sweet sweet little girls, whipped out The Eli Young Band, and this girl cried like a freakin' baby. Even if the show made him do that, it was the sweetest thing ever and they sucked me in, completely. Plus, I just love Eli Young Band!! 10. I don't think I'm done writing about my accident and that makes me feel a whole slew of different emotions.

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