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Tuesday10: Christmas edition

Merry Christmas my blogging friends! I'm sure not many bloggers out there are reading/writing today but I had some free time here and there to work up a fun post. I'm sure this won't be my only Christmas related post, I'll have a pretty big photo dump once I get them organized. I wanted to share some things I'm thankful for this Christmas season in a Tuesday10 kinda way! Again, MerryChristmas to my faithful readers whom I consider friends! #1. An obvious blessing: my son. I'm thankful for his love and his ability to teach me new things all the time. He's the light of my life and my heart would be missing without him. #2. I'm so thankful for having 57 different places to go this holiday season. It's so easy to complain about having to be in so many different places in such a short time but I know there are many who wish they could have just 1 place to go. #3. Safe travels. The furthest we have to go is about 45 min south to my inlaws. For that, I'm super thankful! #4. Full tummies. America knows how to eat, obvs. I can't imagine being in such a place that food isn't affordable. Thank you God for putting food on our tables. #5. The littles who believe in Santa and still have the true Christmas spirit alive in their hearts. Nothing is sweeter than seeing children light up on Christmas day when they realize Santa came. God bless their little innocent souls and may they always be a child at heart. #6. Glitter. Glitter makes everything so pretty this time of year. I'm such a crafter, I know. This one is super random but I had to throw it in the mix. #7. New and old traditions. We had some very very old traditions last night on the eve but then we made some new ones by going to look at Christmas lights. Traditions might be my favorite holiday thing. #8. Christmas day naps. Dude, we are kinda blessed in the fact that after Santa came, we played with new toys and had breakfast, we had time to nap!! All of our company came later in the day so here's to being thankful for a Christmas day nap! #9. Family. Husband. Parents. Siblings. Inlaws. Children. Cousins. Aunts. Uncles. Grandparents. I'm thankful for them all!!!! #10. Last but def not least, I'm thankful for a church I can call home. I've belonged to my little church (and still do) since the day I was born and I'm so thankful and grateful I can say, I still spend every Christmas eve there, celebrating Jesus Christ. I love my church and my church family. I hope your Christmas was merry and I hope you found many things to be thankful for! God bless!

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