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Guess who's 18 months?!

Who can moo like a cow, hoot like an owl, quack like a duck, nay like a horse, oink like a pig, meow like a cat and bark like a dog? My Kaleb! He has really made leaps and bounds this month, saying new words, understanding SO much of what we say and repeating every word/action. He's starting to recognize different animals in books and tell me what they "say." Some of the really cute things that I want to be sure and remember are: When you say, "What does Caden call you?" He says, "COLE!" (which he does) He calls a combine "bine" He started calling my dad, "Papaw" When we ask him, "what does Kaleb say?" He says, "whoooo" just like we taught him for Halloween. We are never going to live that one down, I'm afraid. When we say "goodnight", he says, "bye bye" He says, "ohhh man" The BIGGEST thing that happened this month is that he got a hair cut! I noticed he had enough hair in the back to make a pony tail so I figured it was time for a trim. My dad mentioned he was headed to the local barber shop on Sunday and he would take him. We made a family trip and it started good until the cutting started. He only trimmed with scisorrs but K still hated it! I didn't get a tone of pictures during the cut b/c he was screaming but you can see plenty of befores and after. From the front, he still looks like a baby. From the back? He looks like a big boy now. :) Another thing that started this month is the full-out melt downs. Kicking, screaming, limbs like wet noodles, it sucks, big time. I know it's only going to get worse so I'll stop complaining. Bless those of you who have 3&4 yr olds. I'm scared of that day. Take a look at our pictures to catch up with all our happenings this month! You. can read last months post here.


Checking out the Christmas tree

Lover of the queso

First time at the deer lease

Sleeping Angel, still loves the blankie

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