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Tuesday 10

So we had a really busy weekend and I feel like there were a lot of, what I like to call, “instagram moments” but I didn’t want it to look like Kaleb and I vomited in your feed so I kept a few pictures to myself {even though I felt like you were really missing out, yeah you, my dedicated followers} So today, they will be intertwined into the infamous, Tuesday 10. Happy Tuesday, yo. {I spent a stupid amount of time on this post because my computer and blogger were being dumb so try not to judge and be glad you got anything at all. I'm faithful to my Tuesday 10 readers.}

1.I promise, Molly loves her life.

2. Kaleb is a cereal lover. He wants to eat cereal like a big kid. I’m totally okay with it until I decided to try fruity pebbles. It ended in a big ass mess of tiny pebbles of “fruit” EVERYWHERE. My guess, he didn’t like the texture which is why he spit them out everywhere. #neveragain #stickingwithcheerios

3. Wednesday will feel like Friday. Thursday will feel like Sunday. Friday morning will feel like Monday and Friday afternoon will feel like Friday. Someone come find me on Saturday, it’s likely I’ll be curled up in a corner somewhere, scared and confused. 4. You could say, “I played makeup” this weekend. I messed around with some smokey shadows, a fun eyeliner and BAM. The perfect holiday smokey eye. Getcha some. Would blog readers be interested in a tutorial?

5. Also. Who said it's not normal to reapply mascara mid way through the work day?

6. After THE MOST explosive diaper I’ve ever seen, a hose down in the shower, and a good wash of rugs and towels, I got THE MOST beautiful picture of Kaleb I’ve ever seen. What did I do to be blessed with this face? I love this kid, even with explosivness.

7. Another reason I dislike the cold weather: static electricity. Freakin in my hair, in my clothes, shocking me everywhere I go...I'm over it.

8. We had family Christmas photos on Saturday morning. It still wasn’t the big ones I was trying to schedule, these were just Christmas card photos with the 3 of us. Thankfully, our photographer is a family friend. God bless her. We only had 3 meltdowns and then a dog that wanted no part of the pictures. I have no doubt Amy worked her magic and has at least one or two good ones of us. Also. I don’t have any snap shots of this because it was crazy enough.

9. After family pictures, we went to Caden’s 2nd Bday party (which, by the way, was so fun! We wish little Caden the happiest of times, we love him so much!) and this happened. He had his first encounter with a piñata. He tried his best.

10. When did hat wearing and iPading become the cutest damn thing you’ve ever seen?

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