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Tuesday 10

1. That awkward moment when you are on an "All Girls Weekend" getaway and your mom says, "Samantha, your suitcase is vibrating...I know it's all girls but we are only away two nights...." #electrictoothbrush

2. I'm so cool that my coffee spilled ON MY FACE this morning. How does this happen?!?

3. What's the name of the condition where your thumb aches because you surf and double tap instagram photos too much? My thumb has carpal tunnel and this is a true story.

4. Kaleb went out of town this weekend. To the deer lease. Without me. I needed to be held.

My husband is a fan of all things camo. Hunting, fishing, more hunting, and more fishing. I'm not against it, it's just not my thing. He's been wanting to take Kaleb to the deer lease for some time now and it finally happened. Without me. I was scared. I knew he'd be okay, it's just the thought of my almost-18month-old being at a deer lease without his mom that sent me to the looney bin. I didn't tell anyone I was nervous because I didn't want my in-laws to think I was THAT mom, so I simply over-packed his bag and prayed. Then, I got these photos and felt better. He had a grand ole time and a big thanks to my MIL and FIL for making sure he was well taken care of.

5. Operation: Sippy Cup. Anyone else's sippy cup stash look like this?

Tops and bottoms and rubber thingys, everywhere! This happens when your toddler starts the 'sippy cup drinking process' and you don't know which kind he/she will like drinking from best and so you buy 1 of each. Then, you have a husband who complains because he doesn't know which top goes with what. This would never happen to those of you who are organized (ahem, Megan) and keep all of the parts together. BUT, if you're like me and didn't get blessed with the OCD-ness, (and by blessed I mean BLESSED bc I so wish I was at least a little OCD) you have a hot freakin mess on your hands. We decided to pick our favorite cup, buy 6 more of that kind and ditch the rest. I don't have a photo of the new, wonderful, setup because they were still in the dishwasher BUT I assure you, my life is trying to be more organized.

7. Christmas? I'm not ready. There. I said it.

8. Kinda pissed. I've scheduled family photos twice and canceled them, twice. It's hard enough working around the schedules of six adults but then you throw two farmers in the mix? It's impossible. I had gotten a date that would work for everyone, photographer included, and then the guys were all, "oh we are prob going to be harvesting by then so we can't." So? I canceled. I rescheduled for this past weekend and on Wednesday, I get a text from my brother saying, "have a backup plan for photos bc it'll be raining and windy on Sunday." I canceled yet again and did you see rain on Sunday? Me either. [insert curse words here] These photos are/were supposed to be a birthday gift for my mom, last year. We have yet to get them done and I'm clearly a bit pissy about the whole thing. Sorry, I just had to get that one off my chest. The end.

9. Help a momma out by telling me what are some good learning toys for Kaleb. Possibly one of those leap frog things? Or maybe something with farm animals? He needs to come up with a Christmas wish list for the Grandmas and I have no idea what to put on it. Seriously, help me. Comment, email, send me a link, whateves...I just need to know what's worth the money and not. Thanks.

10. Another fun scrapping weekend was had. I went back to the same place I had gone to in the summer BUT I took my mom and best friend. So I don't bore you non-scrappers, I won't go on and on with the details. However, here are two photos of the place we were at. Mom wants to go back in January for her birthday. Deer lease/hunting for the husband? Scrapping retreat for me!

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