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Hooootin' Good Time

Our Halloween was quite interesting. I was really excited about doing it this year! Kaleb picked out an owl costume all by himself and I love that story so much, that I'm going to share it again. We were in BigLots and he spotted this owl. It wasn't with any other costumes, just randomly by itself. The minute he spotted it he reached out for it. When I gave it to him, he gave the owl a "biiig hug". I made sure the hat would fit and from that moment on, he knew and I knew this was THE 2012 costume. He's been wearing the hat around the house for at least 2 weeks. He insisted on wearing it at least once a day and while we wears it, me and his daddy are constantly saying, "what does an owl say? Whhoooo Whoooo, Whoooo Whoooo". Needless to say, I was a happy momma, *thinking* we would have no issues with him wearing it on Halloween and surely he would know how to "hoot" by halloween night. I hurried home from work to find a toddler who didn't have an afternoon nap and decided he needed to have a melt down as we were trying to get him dressed. Good times, y'all. He didn't want to wear the hat, his costume part was too small and his shoes were to big. We were effed from the get go. I managed to get him dressed good enough to go see great-grandma at the nursing home. bad idea. Grandma was in NO mood for treaters, she didn't know what he was supposed to be AND she was wearing a witch hat so Kaleb was completely scraed of her. We were there all of 5 minutes, I was drinched in sweat and Kaleb was NOT having it. We left, with zero pictures taken, an even more unhappy owl, a sweaty momma and a grandma that won't remember we were there. From there we went to our friend Brenda's house for some dinner and treats. It was a good time! Our friends Caden and J.J. were there too. {See my out-of-order, mess of pictures, below. Thanks blogger for not making picture arranging easy. I hate your life.} Oh-back to Halloween. We did have a good time at Brenda's. Kaleb was in a better mood once he took his shoes off and ditched the hat. We stayed there for a while, greeting all the other treaters and TRYING my damnedest to get a good picture of him. I didn't happen, nor would he even think about letting out a "hoot". From there, we stopped at the BFF's house to say hi and she wasn't home. I don't think Kaleb cared too much, he was just as happy sitting in the back seat, watching Gnomeo. We decided to surprise my brother and his wife, who we knew they would have zero trickers because they live way out in the country. They were happy to see the hoot owl. We finally made it home, and I was determined to get a few pictures of this kid. I took him on the back porch and let him do whatever he wanted in hopes to snap a few shot. This explains why he's holding the dogs brush/comb and why he's driving his tractor. These were the best pictures I could get. I was spent. I gave up. He wouldn't stand still, he wouldn't say "hoot", he didn't want his hat, he wouldn't hold his pumpkin pail, he just wanted to be done. I figured I could let him have a cupcake because he actually was tolerant of most things we put him through. He REALLY enjoyed that and of course ate all the icing first. We enjoyed a little facetime with his grandpa and grandma, where he actually said, "hoooo hooo" to them! We tried all night to get him to say it and finally as the night was coming to a close, he said it! Although I had wished he would have said it sooner, I was so glad that his Gpa and Gma got to hear him say it for the first time. My favorite part of the night was bottle time. We curled up on the couch with blankie and pillows, turned on Charlie Brown and watched the Great Pumpkin together. After it was over, Kaleb looked up at me and said, "hoooo hooo, mom mom". It was so sweet and I was so spent, all I could do was laugh and tear up. It was a good Halloween. Even if I didn't get any award winning photos of my little guy, there are still great memories! We hope your halloween was just as wonderful! *hoooot hoooot*

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