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Tuesday 10

1. Dear Taco Cabana, please make your food taste like shit so I won't eat there. Thanks.

2. Is it weird that one of my Bucket List items would be to put a message in a bottle and send it off?

3. Everyone's all about Taylor Swift's new album right now. I feel like she's still really awkward in her body and for the record, I hate her bangs. Her first album was legit. I'm kinda over her. Sorry Taylor. 4. It dawned on me the other day, I'm looking older. Gasp. Normally I don't care about such a thing but it really got to me. I look harsh. I look 40. I look like my mom. Now, I love my mom and she's beautiful, I just have never seen myself as looking "grown up". I need a change. Not just hair but possibly makeup too? I'm not ready to look 40. #earlylifecrisis 5. Unless you are considered curvy, overweight, or plus size, don't let me hear your mouth about needing to wear spanx. I will punch you. 6. If you're standing, you might want to sit down for this one. I've.Never.Voted. It's true. To say I've never been into politics would be an understatement. I really just don't care. I know what side I'm "for" but I've never made voting a priority. This year I'll be voting. I think adult-hood has set in and I kinda care about who our President should/shouldn't be. That's really all I have on this topic. Oh, and, I'm excited/nervous. Hope I don't get in the booth or whatever and screw it up. 7. I'll admit, when I go to the mailbox, I look through the mail and if it's just junk, I leave it in the box. I always have far too many things that I have to carry into the house, I have no extra hand to carry in junk mail. Relax, I eventually clean it out. 8. It's possible that I'll be meeting a celebrity this weekend. Be jealous and wait for an update next week. 9. I was a cake-pop virgin until yesterday. Rocked my freakin socks, yo. 10. Call me naive, call me lame, tell me to get a life, I don't care. I'm so upset that Emily and Jef from the bachelorette broke up. Anyone know why they split? I really thought they had a chance. Jef became an instant father to her daughter, building a pink club house and all. {clearly I spend too much time on Instagram, following their everyday} Besides that, he seemed like a good guy. Maybe Emily is a bitch? Sad. 11. Eleven? What? Tuesday 10 isn't allowed to have eleven. Today folks, I'm bending the rules. I went back and tried to delete one of the posts in order to add this one but turns out, 1-10 were crucial to your knowledge, as is number eleven. 17 months. 17 months Kaleb went without crapping in the tub. I consider myself lucky, compared to other crappers who released at a much earlier age. The good news, Kaleb said "uh oh" as soon as he realized what he did. I think he knows it was a "no no". Let's all clinch those butt cheeks and hope it doesn't happen again. This is all I have for today. My life is sorta boring these days. Except, of course, for the cake-pops. Happy Tuesday and if you're on the east coast, hang in there!

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