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17 Months!

Happy 17 months sweet boy!

Kaleb is getting more and more independent. He doesn't want help doing ANYTHING. He wants to discover EVERYTHING. Much like the photo below where he discovered the water thingy on the fridge. Good times. God bless the fact there's a lock on it.

He loves Molly more and more everyday. And the more cheese he eats, the more Molly loves him!

He's looking more and more like his daddy every single day but he's still mommas boy!

At one of his check ups, the doc said by 18 months he should know about 20 words. They don't need to be pronounced right but as long as he uses the same word-ish for the same thing, every time, it counts. I didn't think there was anyway he knew 20 words so I started counting them. Turns out, he DOES! So of the funny ones: He calls me "mom-mom"; he calls birds, "beards"; butterfly's are just "flys"; Thank you sounds more like, "hmmm-you"; Shoe is "Chew!"; when he sees a box of crackers he says, "crrr crrr crrr"; he most favorite thing to say is, "OHwhasssTHAT?!?"; and lastly he started saying "poop" this weekend. He only says it when he's going or when he farts, he grabs his crotch and says POOP! We are proud parents.

He's def not a baby anymore. Hair or no hair, he's a growing boy.

Getting a family photo is almost impossible these days. He is FAR too busy to be dealing with poses and cameras. Christmas family photos should be delightful.

The cold isn't an issue for him. He still wants to be "oussssiiiiii" all the time.

Other updates or things that are still the same, lol, he's still not a good eater. It seems just as we get him on the right track, he'll get a fever from teething or virus and then it'll take him at least 3 weeks to get back eating. This worries me to no end. He gets so thin and just wants yogurt and cherrios. It's a struggle and I literally pray about it. In the scheme of things, I know it's not life and death, I'm thankful he isn't seriously ill, so I TRY to not make a big deal but at times, it's hard. He weighs 26lbs, not sure on the height. He only has hair on the back of his head. His black toenail finally grew out and fell off. He wears a sz 7 wide shoe. He also knows that he needs to wear "chews" to go outside so he willingly puts them on. He thinks he van jump but has yet to get his feet off the ground. He's still an eager bath-taker. He still gets constipated, weekly. He's still the love of our life.

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