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Tuesday 10

1. Don't ever buy mascara that says it has "fiber extensions" in it. Those fun fibers will fall into your eyes 26 times a day and by the end of the day? You'll have no eye makeup left on your eye. Because I'm cheap like that, I plan to finish the tube, but be sure to know, there won't be any more fibers falling into these beauties.

2. I could write my entire Tuesday 10 on events that happened in the last 5 days but I'll spare you and just make it one item. It was a fun-filled weekend at the Amidon's! If you follow me on my other 63 social networking sites, you know we had a trip to the ER Wednesday night because Charles got metal in his eye and you also know Kaleb has been sick. After I got the call Wednesday about the metal eye, things went south. Granted, the metal came out and there was little damage, it still jacked up my planned out evening. Thursday evening Kaleb vomited on me, then proceeded to get a bad-ish fever. Friday I came to work for 2 hrs then took him to the doctor. (viral infection, raw/sore throat) There was a lot of sleep missed out on. There was a lot of crying. There was a lot of meds taken. There was a lot of pajama and owl hat wearing. There was a lot of this face.

Going to the dollar store for ice cream and saltines. Owl hat and fishing bobber required.

watching his movie without moving for 2 whole hours. :(

It was a grand ole weekend, y'all. We did manage to spend a lot of time napping and cuddling as a family, though. There wasn't anything else to do. Happy to report, things are back to normal. Charles stopped crying ;) and Kaleb's fever is gone. We are on the mend.

3. Charles will be devastated if they ever give up looking for sasquatch and cancel the show. I, on the other hand, would be delighted. I feel that sasquatch wants his privacy and is really sick of the all the fame.

4. Totally dreading finding outfits for family photos. I'm not good with picking out clothes and I tend to be too matchy matchy b/c I'm afraid of clashing.

5. Advice: take it for what it's worth. If you are an Etsy shopper/buyer, when you receive your item, for the love of all things hand-made, please send a message saying you received it and or leave some feedback. We Etsy people take pride in what we make and send to you. We would LOVE to hear that yes, it made it, or yes, you love it. Feedback people. Feedback.

6. I laughed my ass off at this. Then showed my husband and he didn't get it. He tried but he literally didn't get it. He said, "hahaha, wait, why?" This is how we know it's true.

7. Also? Kaleb has hair!

8. I hope Maroon 5 is happy. Every time I hear their payphone song, (which is way too much) I wanna beat my head against the wall.

9. Also, take this as more advice. Please, for everyone else's sanity, don't make every.single. FB post a complaint or whine. There really isn't anything in life more annoying than that. #LosingFriends1ComplaintAtATime

10. Dear my face, Jr. High called and they want their acne back. Thanks.

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