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Kaleb's Tuesday 10

Welp, since I'm "THAT" mom again and missed the 16 month update, I decided to make this Tuesday all about Kaleb! After all, he is the reason I started this blog and I've slowly gotten away from making it about him. He forgives me, though. :) 1. So for a long time, like 6 months long, I just thought eight teeth was going to be the end of things for him. Low and behold, little man got in eight additional teeh, within a week. This was and continues to be hell. Freakin EIGHT teeth? They are pretty well all molars. Good times are being had in the Amidon home. 2. Speaking of good times, I'm sorry, I know a lot of you are pumped about this weather but I effin hate it. The only thing it means to me is, runny noses, sore throats and shared germs at daycare. Charles, Kaleb and myself were taking cold meds all weekend long. Looks like we got Kaleb's nose under control but I sound like a frog this morning. Seriously, HATE it. Ugh. I'm ready for May. 3. Is every little boy obsessed with trucks, tractors and cars? Basically anything with wheels. Kaleb can spot 'em a mile away. I always know we're getting close to one because I hear him in the back seat saying, "cuck". We haven't gotten him to say tractor yet, he still insists on sticking with "brrrmmm brrrmmmm". 4. Folks, no longer will you be able to freely walk into our home, unannounced. All doors are now being locked, due to the toddler who learned to open them and tries to take off. If you see him and Molly somewhere on the road, be a doll and bring them home, please. 5. Yep, still taking a bottle at night. Judge all you want. We enjoy this part of our evening and love the cuddle time. 6. He's blowing kisses now. You may or may not have seen the video on FB. It's pretty much the cutest thing since puppies. 7. The blankie is still an important part of his sleep. Of his well being. Of his life. On the days he gets 72 teeth in at one time, he requires two blankies. On the days that grandpa forgets to send blankie to daycare, Kaleb comes home and gives "big hug" to blankie all evening long and then never lets Grandpa forget to send it again. Ever. Blankie gets used to wipe up spills, blankie is great for peek-a-boo, blankie looks funny draped on the dog, blankie doubles as head gear and blankie gets washed every other day. God bless the fact mommy has 9 back up blankies in the drawer. 8. Someone tell me why a shoe horn is his favorite toy. While I'm wondering why a shoe horn is so fascinating, you're probably more concerned with why we own a shoe horn. Let me just say 3 things, pregnancy, swollen feet and a grandpa who doesn't wear shoes anymore. It came in handy a year and a half ago and my grandpa still doesn't require shoes, so, we're keeping it. There. 9. I hate that it's football season. What I hate even more is that when the husband turns on "the game", Kaleb always says, "BALL!!" with great excitement. ::Head:: ::Wall:: 10. Everything is "bye bye" with a wave. When he's going to bed, "bye bye daddy". When I get him out of bed in the morning, "bye bye mom mom". When the dog passes his way, "bye dog". When grandpa tells him hi in the morning, "bye bye". When mommy gives him a kiss, "bye bye". I could be wrong, but I'm thinking he wants to go bye bye. and here's some cute for you today. you're welcome.

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