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Tuesday 10

1. You say you're "electronically challenged"? That should be the least of your worries. While we're discussing challenges, lets talk about your hair or the clothes you wore to work or the fact you get paid a crap load of money and you don't know when your own meeting is scheduled for. Challenged. 2. What the hell happened to Gretchen Wilson? Oh yeah, she's still getting her G.E.D. 3. You know that time when you're sitting at Jason's Deli and you're staring at the free icecream machine and thinking to yourself, man I can't wait to get over there....and then some 90yr old bird snatches the last cone and then you feel like kicking her? 4. I've now seen Gnomeo and Juliet approx 739 times. For real, y'all. I promise it's been that much. I've counted. While watching for the 738th time, Kaleb realized the ending was a happy one. As soon as Gnomeo and Juliet make it out of the rubble, he claps and says "yaaay!" It's basically the cutest thing he's ever done. And what makes it even cuter? He did it on his own. I have never clapped or showed my enthusiasm when said couple emerges from the rubble so he figured it out all on his lonesome. Sorry, you prob don't think this is as cute as I do because he isn't your kid. You're really missing out, BTW. 5. Ummmmm the bestie is ENGAGED!!!!!!!! I haven't been this excited since my own engagement! I'd like to go on and on about how happy I am for them and say something really mushy about how they are the perfect couple but we already know all that. What I do wanna say is, Get-Your-Pinterest-On. If you follow me, you are about to see an obscene amount of wedding pins. Here's to the happy couple and here's to the almost ridiculous amount of DIYing and planning. 6. Call me judgmental but I'm going to point out, October 1st is too early to bust out the snowflake sweaters. Maybe something with leaves or a turkey might be more appropriate. 7. What's the deal with the females who call other females "mama"? I'm not talking about those of us who know each other are moms, and we are literally calling you a mom, I'm talking about the lady who makes my coffee and no matter who walks up, as long as they are a female, she says, "what can I get for you, mamas?" You don't know me well enough to call me, mama. Nor do you know the other women in line well enough to call them, mama. It's too much. Okay, I'm off my box. Thanks for listening. 8. When the guy at the post office says, "It's guaranteed to make it there by such and such", I can't help but think of the movie, Cast Away. In all reality, Mr. PostOfficeGuy can't guarantee a damn thing. He can't guarantee the car, train, plane, boat won't wreck out on the way there. Just a little something to think about the next time your package is "guaranteed". 9. Charles suggested I "close" my etsy shop for the holidays. He's afraid I'm going to get burned out. While he might be correct, I'm in my prime. I'm getting orders left and right. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed but that's a good thing right? I seem to be getting everything done just in time but that's also at the cost of staying up late, spending the entire weekend locked in the house and possibly spending way too much time in Hobby Lobby, buying paper. I'm in a dilemma. I WANT to be this busy and only get busier so I can possibly only work part time by next year, but at the same time, I don't want to get burned out and start half assing everything in my life, relationships included. Thoughts? I can temporarily put my shop on "vacation" but while Paisleys and Poppies is sipping drinks with umbrellas, people can't see my items. I wouldn't be getting any traffic. On the upside, I would keep my facebook fan page open, with 135 fans, and I could work on new items to post when I open back up. Nothing is set in stone. Just getting out there. If anyone has thoughts, please, feel free! 10. If you're curious as to how the sleeping situtation is going since I have recently "moved" back in with the husband, I'll have you know, it's great! We are "reconnected" as he would put it and the best news? In my sleep, I'm removing the ear plugs, around 1 a.m. or so, and am still able to sleep through the night!

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