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Tuesday 10

1. So I didn't realize half-ass crafting would boil my blood, but looks like it does! Fair warning to you. 2. The people who say, "I can sleep when I die" are stupid. They are stupid, stupid people who clearly never had kids. Or a spouse. Or a life. 3. Why are men so weird? The hubs had some really good news to tell me, in which, if I had equally good news, I would have told him right then. He waited a week to tell me and when he finally did, he said, "ohbytheway, I have good news." MEN! 4. I have never been nor will I ever be okay with people calling their unborn Child a parasite. God is giving you a BLESSING not a leech or some type of bacteria. Look up parasite on Wikipedia then give me one good reason why it's okay to refer to your unborn child as a parasite. 5. Does anyone else dream really intense? Like after you wake up, that's all you think about? I do this all the time. Far more than I care to. Several hours will have to pass before I can stop thinking about my dream and/or forget the feeling that it was real. Depending on the dream, this can really screw with one's day. 6. Confession: I hate football. GASP. Everyone is all into posting and tweeting about their favorite team and the likes. I'm very not into it. Sorry. I'm a girls girl when it comes to sports. Just to clarify, I'm totally into the refreshments and drinks that go along with watching said sports. 7. We've had a bit of a sad week. I hate blogging about sad things like this because it really kills the witty mood of my Tuesday 10 but I feel I should at least mention it. My great uncle, who not only was a priest, but was the priest at our church, passed away. We were blessed a few years back when the Bishop sent him our way. What would be better than listening to your own uncle every Sunday at mass? We were also blessed enough to have him marry us and baptize our first child. We loved him so! The upside to him passing, he was literally in the middle of doing what he loved most. Fishing. Fishing in Alaska to be exact. He took the same trip every other year with two other priests. They were all three fishing in the beautiful waters of Alaska and he just up and died right there. We are thinking a heart attack or something of the likes. We are so thankful he didn't suffer and he was doing what he loved. We will really miss him and our church will never be the same. 8. Last week, my boss's boss, who is 70 years of age, knows what sexting is. Is this disturbing to anyone else? 9. Pretty sure there aren't many things that smell worse than dirty, sweaty, smoky clothes from a BBQ cookoff. The hubs shoved 2 suitcases worth of nasty wet clothes into a very small plastic bag and then shoved it my way when we got home. Worst thing I've smelled in a LONG time. 10. Speaking on smokin' and cookin', Tippin T Cookers did an AWESOME job at the cookoff this weekend!!! This was one of our favorite cook-offs to go to. It's for a great cause, we get to meet new people and we get to head out of town!! Remember our very eventful trip last year? Let's just say, this year the wins were even better and we stayed in the hotel the second night. All of that wrapped into one, made for a muuuuch better trip!! Love me some Tippin T Cookers!

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