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Tuesday's 10

Now that I'm doing Tuesday's 10, the weeks feel like they are flying by. I haven't decided if that's a good or bad thing. Anywho, I know all of my 19 readers rely on my Tuesday posts to get them through, so here we go. ;) 1. Bladder infections suuuuuck but emergency care clinics that are open on Saturdays, are the If you need a doctor on Saturdays, you should totally go there. 2. I did zero tax free shopping this weekend. I'm not a crowd-fighting kinda gal, plus I need nothing. My kid isn't in school and I wear the same things to work every week so I need nothing. And, due to #1, I was looking and feeling a hot mess. I wasn't about to let anyone see me. 3. I did something yesterday that made me feel like a cheater but at the same time, my life was complete. I went to Ulta. Gasp. When I worked at Sephora, Ulta was always the loser place to go. They had drug-store-brand makeup and clearly I was far too stuck up to wear CoverGirl. Being that I can't get the good stuff for free anymore, I have since switched to what I can afford. EXCEPT a select few items. The lame town I work in doesn't have a Sephora, but they do have an Ulta. I put my dark sunglasses on and walked in. Low and behold, they have stepped up their game. They have Stila, Too Faced, Cargo, Makeup Forever, Smashbox...the list goes on. I was very impressed. I told myself, my day will be complete if they have my face cleanser. BOOM. There it was. Then, I thought, my LIFE will be complete if they have my concealor. BOOM again. Sephora will of course always be my first love but I am TOTALLY loving how convenient Ulta is. Happy makeup brat.

4. I'm a frustrated mommy. My kid won't eat. He is super picky and only eats a "good" amount of food about half the week. I don't consider him skinny or thin BUT he's also not really growing. He's small. At our last check up, the pedi wasn't concerned. He said that he looks healthy and happy and all kids go through a picky stage. There's just something so reassuring and satisfying about a kid who eats well. He only likes things like lasagna, spaghetti and sweets. This, I'm sure, is a battle with many and I know there are other kiddos that are worse, it's just so frustrating. Any advice or encouragement is welcome.

5. So, I lied when I said I didn't care that we hadn't been on a vacation this summer. Flat out, lied. I seriously want my little family to have a get-away.

6. I've really enjoyed these couple of rainy days we have had. Sleeping to rain is the best. I took a LEGIT 2 hr nap this weekend and then was super productive the rest of the day. Work days should def include a nap. I would totally bring my own nap mat and pillow. I have no shame.

7. I had a McGriddle this morning from Mikkie D's. It was gross. It was a strange combination of sweet and salty, except it was like 96% sweet/weird and then 4% good. Keep your McGriddle and pass the hash brown.

8. Hearing all you folks talk about getting your kids ready to go back to school makes me wanna break out in hives. I freakin HATED school and I'm beyond thrilled I still have 3ish years before I need to worry about this exhausting task.

9. Anyone else have a pet peeve of packing the diaper bag? I'm not good at it therefore I hate doing it. I literally try to bargain with my husband every night..."I'll mow the grass if you'll pack his bag.."

10. ...and your weekly dose of "so damn cute":

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