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Tuesday's 10

Glad to report, the Happy Samantha is back! I'm all about this Tuesday 10, unlike last week. Last week was rough. Cranky husband, teething baby, flea infested dog and a mom/wife who lost all her "gives a crap" due to life and a hurt back. This week, we are feeling better, in happier moods and flea free! Kaleb is STILL working on that damn molar from like 4 months ago. It's really starting to prove its rediculousness. K and I decided, we are totally satisfied with just the 8 teeth he currently has. Alright, enough of that nonsense, let's do this. 1. I have a lot of people I consider friends and only a handful I would consider close friends or BFF's. ;) I cherish every single one of them for different reasons. They have all stole a place in my heart and a piece of me would be missing without them. I got to spend time with one of them this weekend (which rarely happens) and it gave me that feel good feeling to see him. Yep, he's a he. We have a very unique relationship that I totally love. Isn't this the best picture ever?!

2. It's tough to be pretty. I've got homeless men and the likes hitting on me all day long. It's really an awesome feeling to know you're attractive to that type. Really. It is. Be jealous.

3. If even the nail place people can't replicate something you saw on Pinterest, you should know, it's def not a "Pin Win" much less, DIY nail art. #impossiblepins

4. Who the eff cares that it's shark week?!? They have no new footage from last year. I'm so passed over it.

5. I experienced (for the first time) an older kid, sorta picking on my baby. I always wondered how I would react to that. I found out. I basically flip out and almost push the older kid down. #goodtoknow

6. New, cute, shoes always mean, new, cute, blisters.

7. I'm thinking of getting some of Kaleb's clothes from his first year, made into a quilt. I guess it would be a lot like a tshirt quilt, except not. I don't want every square to be perfect, like if you were to cut a normal sz tshirt. I want it to look really scrappy and have only parts and pieces of the clothes on it. If anyone has experience with this, please message me. :)

8. I can't handle the "get a new mattress after 8 years" commercials. The fact they describe your mattress being like a sponge and soak up 25lbs of sweat every year, makes me gag. It's too much information at 7 a.m. Their marketing idea doesn't work on me. #mattressfirmfail

9. I mentioned a while back that I'm in a wedding in October. I sucked it up and finally went to try on the dress last night. Low and behold, they had the correct dress, in the correct color, in my size, on the rack. What are the chances of THAT? I bought that sucker off the rack. It was a $135.00 dress and they wanted $105 to alter it. No thank you, David's Bridal. You can keep your $105 alterations.

10. If you think it's a good idea to give your kid a name that's just a word, (i.e. Bright, Yellow, Apple) be prepared to have people give you dirty looks. For the love of Pete, please give your child a NAME. Misspell it, make it up, or add an apsotrophe but PLEASE make it a name, not a word. Yes, I'm yelling.

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