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Tuesday 10...errr something kinda like that

I've not been in the blogging mood but I decided to give it a try. Not sure how much you'll get. 1. I threw my back out, something fierce. Not a clue how or when, I just know I felt like I was having back labor on Saturday night. It was the worst thing since, well, labor. I'm still in throbbing pain, pushing through each day, hence the not feeling much like blogging. 2. People who interrupt you a lot during conversations, really annoy me. If a person is talking, let them finish. Taking a breath doesn't mean they are done. Just keep that in mind. 3. I had a *near death* experience at work today. Ok, not REALLY but it could have been. The women's restroom door had been locked since 10 a.m. We didn't realize it until like 1:30 p.m. No one had a key for it because the door ONLY locks from the inside. There isn't even a place to put a key in on the outside. You could see the light on under the door, no one was answering the knocks. *insert scary and suspenseful music here* *now, read the remaining part of this in a very exciting tone* I called the cops immediately. They dropped what they were doing, ran up 4 flights of stairs, said, "where's said bathroom", I pointed to the mysteriously locked door, they said, "please clear the area ma'am", I cleared and BAM! the door was BUSTED open, our hearts raced as we waited to hear the verdict. No one was in the bathroom. Not a sole. I was relieved but kinda disappointed my story ended like that. #ALMOSTneardeath 4. I'm SUPER busy with Paisley and Poppy orders. YAY! slash I need an assistant. 5. If I had enough trees that grew money, I would buy all the Hobby Lobby and Michael stores and combine them into one. They both have items I need and they never carry the same thing. I shall call it, well I don't know. Lemme find those trees first. 6. I often wonder why God made men and women so different, yet expect them to co-exist. 7. I'm looking for a good calendar system. I need one I can hang on the wall and see. I'm a visual person. I was thinking of a dry erase board type but I really need to see a couple months a time. This shouldn't be hard and it might not be but I haven't looked yet. I don't want to use my phone or any other electronic device, I need a real life one. If any of you folks have a suggestion of one you like, let me know. I can't keep trusting my head memory for Etsy orders and the likes. 8. You probably already saw it, but my kid is famous. A picture I took of him pushing his car was used in an automotive add. I'm pretty proud.

9. You'll have to be satisfied with 9 items this week. I'm so running short today. I have a short fuse and my back hurts. I'm ready for my smiling, happy-self to return. If you see her, tell her to come back. Thanks.

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