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Tuesday's 10

1. New blog design is still under construction. I’m picky and my blog designer will def want to refuse any future order from me, from here on out.

2. I’m all up in social networking. I’ve got 2 Facebook pages, 2 blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and now Twitter. This is the age of social networking, folks. If you want people to know about you, to read your blogs, and your self-developed business to grow, you must be on all of these. I will soon have buttons errr links errr whatever for all of these (sidenote: get someone to teach me proper blogger lingo…ie Becca Paro.) as soon as construction is done. For now: Twitter- samtsu05; Instagram- samtsu Get it. Follow me.

3. Piggy-backing on #2: There is a lot I need to learn about hashtags. I mean, I’ve got the concept and the meaning down but the lingo…for instance, on IG this morning, a random man started liking a lot of my photos so I took a peek at his profile…why does he put the word porn behind everything he’s tagging? #foodporn #burgerporn #tacoporn #drinkporn ect. I *think I’ve got the general idea…he’s really into food and he likes taking pictures of it and then looking at it. You more than likely will not be seeing me add porn to the end of my hashtags. I know, you had your hopes up. And, it is possible to over-hashtag, just so you know.

4. Clearly I’m having trouble composing a legitimate, proper, sentence today. It’s a run-on kinda day.

5. I'm skipping #5 in order to eat my lunch. I'm easely distracted by hunger.

6. I have noticed more and more people are saying, “have a blessed day”. This really makes me happy and makes me hope there are better things around the corner for this crazy world.

7. Speaking of crazy…Colorado movie shooting. Guns. Bullets. Orange hair. Gas Mask. None of it is acceptable. It’s people like this young man, that make me want to ask God, immediately when I get to heaven, “Really?? Wow, what was going through his mind and what made him tick?” We will probably never know the real reason, as long as we are on this earth. Very very sad time for these families.

8. T-3 days until I will eat a large amount of sno-cones. Cook-off is almost here! Bring on the smoke and heat! Also, acceptable to bring a mini pool for me Kaleb to sit in?

9. Kaleb will grow up to be a shoe designer. A few months back we noticed him looking at everyone’s shoes/feet while we were in public. He hasn’t stopped, along with that, he MUST check out my choice of shoes every morning. As I’m carrying him to the car from his crib, he basically strains his neck to look down at my shoes, and then looks at me, and giggles. I have no earthly idea why he does this or what he’s really looking at. He hates his own shoes and refuses to wear them. #footfetish

10. One of my brides from back in May, tagged me in some wedding photos. Here I am, doing my thang. I like these pics because I look so serious. Also, really glad I chose to do my OWN makeup that day!

(Oh yeah, new readers, I'm also certified makeup artist. I'm very multi-talented. Be jealous.)

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