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Losing Battle?

I'm in a parenting delima. Probably having more of an effect on me than it should.... Here is the scenario: I battle Kaleb EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. when it comes to getting his diaper and his pjs on after a bath. He wants to roll over and squirm like nobody's business. It started on his changing table and at first I didn't think much of it except for, I was afraid of him rolling off. So I moved him to our bed. I figured, it's bigger, he has less chance of rolling off and maybe it would be easier. I was wrong. It makes no difference where he is, he still wants to roll all around and just won't stay still. Here is why I'm upset with this: I KNOW he's just a baby, I know he doesn't understand why he should be laying still BUT he DOES know what "no" means. Not to play the 1-arm-card here but I seriously NEED him to lay semi-still for a like 15 seconds while I try to at least get a diaper on, otherwise there is no way of getting it on. Tonight it REALLY PUSHED my buttons. I'm telling him No and he laughs. He thinks it's hilarious that I keep fussing at him and flipping him back over. Then, if I try to semi-hold him down he throws an all out fit! Here are The only options I think I have and why I feel like they aren't the right ones: keep fussing at him to where we are both crying and it ruins both our nights. (I HATE this one bc it does NO good. Why raise my voice at him over a diaper?! Why make myself so upset over something he thinks is hilarious when he isn't old enough to understand? On the other hand, my husband and I both feel like he is old enough to be told no and to know we mean it. We don't want our 1yr old telling us what to do.) Another option is letting Charles take over this task on a nightly basis. He has offered but the reason I say no is bc I feel like this will not be my only "1arm challenge" and I need/want Kaleb to eventually understand there will be times we have to do things together or differently. I am/was hoping this would/could be our first, "ok, mommy needs your help by laying still for a couple seconds" kinda moment. The last option is: giving up. It's just clothes and a diaper. So what if he runs naked for a while? I'll eventually get it on him. This lets him get away with it though when really I was hoping to teach him something. But on the other hand it's not like I'm trying to teach him about drugs and it doesn't work so I'm just saying, yeah what the hell, give them a try. Is he really too young to have hopes in teaching him this? We have taught him not to do other things by telling him no. Should I stick to my guns and make sure he knows that no matter what the situation and no matter how serious or not, when mommy says No, that means, No.? The funny thing is, anyone and everyone would have a different opinion about this. Parenting is such a flexible thing. You can pretty much go about it however you want as long as you follow the basic feeding and hygiene thing. I don't know why I'm so distraught about this. I feel so petty complaining while there are lots of other people in far worse delimas. I am SO beyond thankful for my healthy family and my sweet little boy and SO grateful this is the "hardest decision and battle" I've had with being a mom. I don't know if I'm looking for advice or I was just needing to vent. All in all, it's so minor but so heavy on my heart bc I don't want to fail as a mom. Whether it be disciplining too much or not enough, I just want to be the best mom to Kaleb that I can be. He has probably already forgotten about our pajama battle and is dreaming about his 8hr long play-date at Miss Becky's tomorrow. I pray that he is. I shall pray about this and hope to find answers as I go along. Goodnight all....

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