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Tuesday’s 10: “Simple Sentence” Edition

So since my normal Tuesday 10’s are a bit lengthy, I decided to try to keep this one at a minimum…as much info as I can, in very few sentences. #changinguplife

1. Hey Instagram, next time you have a power outage, please have a plan B. People are relying on my awesome photos to get through their the day.

2. No thank you, Hobby Lobby, I, in fact, am NOT ready to see OR buy Christmas things. It is JULY.

3. Yes, I do eat poorly some of the time and don’t always get to exercise, but I’m a working mom/wife, just trying to get through each day. Deal with it.

4. Stood in line for 25 min at Old Navy to purchase Kaleb some $1 flip flops (with the strap on the back). He took 16 seconds to wiggle his foot right out.

5. My mother-in-law makes my life better. She has got some serious skill at being very giving and super nice.

6. Alaska sent my parents home in 1 piece. Thank you, Lord.

7. I may or may-not have gone back to Jason’s Deli to see if I could run into my 1-armed, tall friend. I may or may-not keep going back until I find her.

8. Kaleb had a date with an older woman this weekend. They watched fireworks and ate ice-cream cups together. Quite possibly the most adorable thing ever.

9. Who the hell decided to put the 4th of July in the middle of the week?!? Do you even KNOW how jacked up I’ll be by Friday?

10. I forgot to do a 13 month post. Update Fail. New things? Saying Night night but sounds like Nigh-Nee. Feeding the dog more than he feeds himself. Even more attached to the blankie. Still freakin’ adorable!

This was actually harder than you think. I'm notorious for giving way too much background info and details.

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