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Tuesday's 10

Yay for Tuesday’s 10!!! I’m actually starting to like Tuesday’s completely b/c of this post. I enjoy updating everyone (assuming I have readers) on these pointless events in my life! Cheers!

First and foremost, totally addicted to Instagram! I didn’t need another social networking site to be addicted to but it happened. I’m following people I know and people I’d like to know. I actually think it’s a great place for people to post pictures. Facebook used to be for status updates and has slowly turned into a giant picture post. (not complaining either way just pointing out a fact) Anywho, I’ve been using Instagram for posting even more photos of Kaleb that don’t end up on FB. Hopefully one day, I’ll have a ton of followers and be really popular because my kid is so darn cute and people wish they were just like me. Yeah, I’m shallow like that. Follow me @ samtsu. I promise to “wu” you. ;)

I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays. I love Sunday b/c it’s usually a good, down to earth, family day. I hate Sunday nights b/c it all comes to a screeching halt around 8 p.m. when baths need to be drawn, bags need to be packed, and sleep has to be had. This past Sunday was a prime example of that. We had the PERFECT day! Slept “in”, Catholic fried chicken for lunch (with the added bonus of visiting with some fav people), play date with other fav folks, hamburger steak supper with friends. It was ideal. The screeching halt brings me to my #3

Sunday when we get home, I strip Kaleb down for a MUCH needed bath. I go to turn the faucet on in the bathtub and…no water. What?!?!? I’ve got a little boy crying because he is so ready for his bath and we have no flippin water!! Thanks to the wonderful town we live in, they have water issues at least 3-4 times a year and they completely shut off all water supply. I quickly call my brother and see if we can take baths at their place. We get BACK in the car with a mostly naked baby and go shower at the brothers. (Let me just add, they recently built a new home…his bathroom is like a 5-star hotel, we/I thoroughly enjoyed showering there…but that’s not the point) The hubs and I were NOT happy with this situation. Not to mention we are pet-sitting my parents dog who is like a million years old and he happens to need water like every 12 minutes in this 109 degree weather. Our water is now back on but we have to let it run a while because it comes out yellow and gross. UGH!!!

We are teething again. I say we b/c if you have ever had a teething child (esp when molars are coming in), you know it’s a family affair.

I thought long and hard on how I should spend some of my birthday money. Ok, not really that long or hard but I did decide on something. I’m going to go to a weekend long scrapbooking retreat. It’s local so I won’t be driving far but I’m pretty excited about it. The only bad part: taking all my junk with me. I’m going because I would like to actually have some quiet time with no interruptions to get some of Kaleb’s scrapbook done. I’ve done NOTHING with it. NOTHING. The plan is to go Friday evening and come home Sunday. They have a bed for me, a shower and meals. I. Am. Pumped. I’ll probably be the youngest one there but I don’t care. I get to scrap an entire weekend.

I’m spoiled. There is no way around it. Actually, I like to call it blessed…but most of the time it’s just spoiled. I’ve prob mentioned before that my parents/mom take Kaleb to daycare every day. I take him to their house, they feed him breakfast and then drop him off a little later. They are gone this week. I miss them. I’m 29 yrs old and I miss them like I’m 9. They deserve a week long vaycay, really, they do, but I can’t wait for next week. BLESSED! ;)

Who got another Etsy order??? THIS GIRL! I’ve been getting orders but this was a big one and much more exciting! So far I’ve only sold my little painted letters, which is fine, but I was ready for someone to order invitations since I feel like that’s what I’m best at. Someone ordered 30 invitations last night. 30 SOCK MONKEY invitations. Nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo. After making 50 of them last month, I’m pretty “monkied” out! J/K, I’m super pumped someone loves my stuff!! They are a rush order so I told the hubs it’s going be like a sweat shop in the house this weekend, I expect everyone to help me get these monkeys made!! :)

Have I ever linked you to my other blog? I still need to add a lot of posts but here it is: It’s my crafting and cooking blog. I have high hopes to adding more posts there real soon, just need to sit down and do it. Thanks everyone for reading, I try to keep things somewhat interesting.

Thinking of having a Thirty-One party at my house. Interested? I was thinking I would theme it around summer drinks (you know me and my themes) but I would def make it kid and baby friendly. Of course no one is obligated to buy, just thought it might be a good reason to get together, have snackies, drinks, and maybe some frozen treats?!? July is already pretty slammed so that moves us to August. It’s a thought, hopefully soon, a plan!

Am I weird for going up and talking to strangers? I think I am. I’ve always seen my mom do it and it used to drive me nuts and embarrass the hell outta me, now I’m doing it. The other day at Jason’s Deli (I know, I’m there a lot. Try the chicken club salad. Ah-Mazing!) I saw this tall chick walk past me. She caught my eye b/c she was so tall and when I see a tall female, I always ask myself, “wow is that how tall I look??” (new readers…I’m a hair over 6’ and most of the time, I hate it). Once, said tall girl sits down, I see she is missing her right arm. (new readers, I too am a right arm amputee) I was kinda surprised to see such a young tall girl missing her right arm, exactly in the same spot as I. She was prob in her early EARLY 20’s. The thing that shocked me MOST when looking at her, she was rocking a bun/ponytail. How did she manage to get her hair up in a ponytail??? Ahhh!! Envy!! I keep my hair short b/c this girl isn’t cool enough to figure out how to put it up. I totally approached her. Bad part, b/c of where she was sitting, I had to come up to her from the back, she totally couldn’t see MY one-arm-ness. I immediately asked her how she got her hair like that with 1 arm. I’m SURE I sounded like a complete arse. Tall girl tells me how, with a weird look on her face. I give her props and leave. Operation “talking to strangers” and “making a similar connection” was a fail. Until we meet again, tall girl…until we meet again.

P.S. I know we are destine to be new BFF’s, she ordered the SAME salad as I. We can frequent Jason’s together and blow them away with our awesome-ness.

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