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Reason #479 Why I love my husband.

As promised in this blog post, I like to post the truth about my life. Not just the ups but also the downs. No one is perfect and there is no reason to pretend like life is wonderful 100% of the time, (now, don’t think I’m going to post ALL my dirty laundry, some things still need to remain in the family. LOL) Last time I left you with a post where I was annoyed with the hubs, here is a change in scenery.

…reason #479 why I love my husband:

I’ve always considered myself a pretty “giving” or “thoughtful” person. There are def others that are more giving than I but I still consider myself thoughtful and enjoy putting people, especially my loved ones, first. Some minor things I like to do: send flowers just b/c, cook dinner and have everyone over, host parties, send just b/c cards, ect ect. These are all things that make people smile and I love doing just that.

When setting up my “criteria” for my future husband, I’m not sure why, but I never added that he must be giving and thoughtful like me. I don’t know why, it just never dawned on me. Lucky little me, I ended up with JUST that! Charles has the BIGGEST heart, when it comes to giving to others. I have to say, he is def putting others first, even sometimes more than I do. He is ALWAYS wanting to have someone over for supper or just because. He is always willing to give up something of his own if someone else needs it. He talks about how “good of a person” someone is and then says that we need to have them over more often, the list goes on. J

The thing that makes me MOST proud is the fact that we are not the wealthiest folks on the planet and he is still okay with the fact I want to give $$ and things to others in need. Yesterday, I read a very very sad story (on a blog) of 2 small children who lost their mother in a very violent way. They are now without a mother and father. I was so taken back by this story, immediately I wanted to give them everything I had. All I could think about was there is a little boy (the same age as Kaleb) and his sister, out in this world, alone. Broke. My. Heart. Luckily there was a link set up to where you could donate to the children. Without even thinking twice (and forgetting the fact, we are on a budget), I donated.

When I got home from work, he asked how was my day. I said, “I donated “x” amount of money to some little kiddos who lost their mom.” He said, “oh no! what happened??” I told him the story and his response was, “that’s really sad, maybe you should send more.” That. That. Right. There. Is reason #479 why I love my husband!!

Lord, may we all put our pride aside and start helping others more than we do. Help us, to react more with our hearts and less with our minds. Amen.

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