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Tuesday's 10

Is it possible to be having “A case of the Tuesday’s”? Because I totally am! I was SO tired when I woke up this morning my eyes literally felt like sand paper and they wouldn’t even stay open long enough for me to pee. It was rough. Then on my way to work I came a single foot away from hitting the car in front of me. No, really, a foot! All the traffic was rolling smoothly down the highway and then all the sudden, Mr. BeatUpPieceOfCrapCar decides to travel 10 miles per hr b/c he is passing a broke down car. Squealing brakes, flying purse, the whole bit. Dude, it’s 10 till 8…everyone on this highway needs to be AT work in 10 minutes. Get your butt moving. No worries, I made it to work on time even after having to pick up the 875 things that came out of my purse as it flew into the dash. #caseoftheTuesdays

I’ve decided I’m like a “cutter”. Enforcing pain upon myself. I’m peeling back my cuticles. Why did I just start doing this?? I never had an issue with this before but now all day long, there I am, picking at them. I know, Gross. But it HURTS! I’d be willing to pay for a manicure so they could make it look not so gross and put that fun oil on them…I’m afraid I’d go right back to doing it though. Dilemmas. Dilemmas.

Kaleb had his 1 yr check up on Friday. Interesting news: he is only in the 60th% for height and weight! Who’s kid is he?? Certainly not his mom and dads who are both over 6ft tall. I’m not complaining by any means b/c it does make it so much easier for me to lift him and carry him with 1 hand, it’s just odd. Neither my husband or I would have guessed we would have had such a little tyke. Doc was pleased about everything though. He has hit all milestones and more. He is up-to-date on shots. Ears looked good. All was well. If Kaleb had his way, we would strictly go to see Dr. Pickens to just play. He loves that man but he HATES getting looked at. THROWS.A.FIT now. Long gone are the days of a sweet baby that just sits/lays there. Sigh.

Water aerobics starts today!! SUPER pumped except I won’t be going this week. My Tuesday and Thursday for this week are already planned. Next week!!!

Speaking of busy: I had Kaleb’s party on the 27th, a baby shower to decorate for on the 3rd and an open house to sell my goodies this weekend! My crafting space looks like…well, like I craft a lot! Haha! I’m SO excited about this open house on Saturday. Even if no one comes, it’s just the fact that I feel like “one of those crafters”. People want to BUY MY stuff. Like, they actually think it’s cute! 1 more year of selling stuff and maybe I can work part time! Either that or I will be forced to quit because I’m coming to work with random paint all over me and looking VERY tired! I love it! #inmyhappyplace

Have you seen my new design on ? Becca Paro from did it for me. I LOVE IT! It’s just what I wanted. She will be redesigning this blog for me very soon!

Is it possible to hire someone to upload photos to your social networking sites for you?? It is currently my biggest pet peeve!! I don’t have the time to sit at my computer(just like I’m sitting here now writing this blog) editing/downsizing ect ect and then waiting on the photos to upload. So annoying! If anyone has any ideas, let me know! ;)

Babies are everywhere! I know a set of twins that were born yesterday, and there are 3 girls right now that are at least 35 weeks along, not to mention a lot of others that are newly prego! All this baby news makes me happy b/c I know that feeling of a brand new love. So wonderful! <3

Getting excited about my Birthday!! I’m going to sleep late, get a haircut, a massage, then have dinner with my little family…with a cookie cake of course! It’ll be the perfect day! =)

I feel like summertime is officially here! Never seems like you can REALLY call it summer until it’s June. Kaleb got 2 different little pools for his big day, I think it’s time to set 1 or both up in the yard and have some outside time errr “ow-siiiiii” as Kaleb says it! Love that little boy!

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