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Tuesday's Ten

I thought if maybe I skipped a week, my 10 posts would be more interesting. Let’s see. J

We have had a busy 2 weeks. What else is new? Sick baby, funeral, visiting w/ family, Mother’s day, Etsy orders, Birthday planning, Birthday party, hair cut, weddings ect ect. Still, none of it is really that exciting but I have made a commitment to Tuesday’s Ten so you get to hear about it all anyways. I’ll try to add some humor. Lucky you. :-P

First, sick baby. Man o man was he sick. 103 fever, extra poop, not eating, break outs…he had it all. Turns out, it was a viral infection. Doc said there was nothing we could do about it except let it run its course. We were doing IBProphen and Tylenol every 4 hrs for what seemed like an eternity. Ok maybe only 4 days but it seemed like a week. After his fever subsided, he got this really bad rash when he got worked up and hot. I’m guessing it was like a heat rash. It would eventually go away with time and didn’t seem to bother him, just looked so bad. I felt so sorry for him. He was a big ball of mess. His attitude was a NIGHTMARE. Crying about EVERYTHING, didn’t want to be held but didn’t want to be playing and getting mad at all his toys, (which made us realize, that kid has a good pitching/throwing arm on him). There was nothing funny about the way he was acting. I am SO glad he is back to his normal self. The only thing that seems to linger is the effects it had on his appetite. He still is not eating the way I would like for him to.

The husband’s great-grandmother passed away. She was 87. Her name was Ruby Jewel, which I never knew b/c everyone always called her BigGranny. Imagine my shock when I heard that a person was named such a name back in the day…like wayyyy back in the day. Some of the names people are giving their kids now are not THAT far off. Ruby Jewel is a pretty unique name. Also, she was buried in her perfect pink suit that was requested by her at least 4 years ago. I wonder if I live that long, will I have specific wardrobe requirements?? Due to the funeral, we were able to visit with some family we rarely see, most of all Charles’ aunt. We love getting to see her!

MY grandmother turned 89 this weekend. She had a delightful “party” at the nursing home with her gal pals. There were balloons, flowers, cards, cake, and soft, easy to eat, food. ;) I found it amusing to say the least. They all act like small children. Old folks and kindergarteners actually have a lot in common! They all must be told to stay in line, they all need to be asked about going to the restroom, they all need food that is easy to chew and digest, they all need help fixing their plates, they all need extra napkins, they all must be told to hold their drink with 2 hands and they all speak their mind!! My grandmas pastor came to say a few polite words to her and the group and one lady yelled out, “Virginia (my Gma), “is that your special man friend??” It was all I could do to hold it in. It was 30 min of pure-slow moving-chaos! As “fun” as it was, I am so thankful to have had my MaMaw here for so long. She is a wonderful lady. Love her!

My Etsy orders are doing good!! It’s going at a pace that I can keep up with and I love it! I’ve had 4 orders so far. And like I said, its perfect timing. I’m never not working on an order but they are not coming so fast I cannot keep up. I have been invited to showcase my items at an open house in June. I was pretty honored they asked me. I’ll post details about it soon.

My mother’s day was GREAT! My husband and son got me a very cute necklace that I LOVE. The dog got me a card as well. My mom got me some perfume and the best part was getting to spend time with all kinds of family. We had lunch with my folks and then spent the evening time with Charles’s side. Kaleb and Caden had a great time playing “together”. Not sure you can really say they play TOGETHER but they do PLAY. Hahah! Kaleb plays with Caden’s toys and has a GREAT time! Caden plays as well, and they do pretty good at staying out of each other’s way, which at this age, we are glad. I know as they get older, they will learn how to play TOGETHER.

2 weddings down, 1 to go, thus far. Wedding 1 was good, wedding 2 was a bit rushed. The bride was stressed (even though she said she wasn’t) and that made me stressed and HOT. Yes, I said hot. I tend to get warm as it is when doing makeup but warm is an understatement. I was embarrassed I was sweating SO much. It was pretty ridiculous. I blame the Bride. Haha, not really. I was HOT in the room and then there were like 8 women in there trying to get ready. All of that combined made it extra tense. I thought she looked beautiful and I hope she thought the same. This weekend I have a bridal shoot, I’ve never met her so I’m praying that goes well.

I opted out of getting permed. I wasn’t ready to bring the 80’s back on my head. I got a pretty cute hair cut. I really liked it the first 3 days but now it takes so long to fix and it only looks cute about 50% of the time. It’s being very shady and unpredictable. My old style was predictable. I’m in a never ending hair dilemma.

My baby turns 1 in 13 days. I’m up to my ears in Birthday “things”. Birthday food, Birthday banners, Birthday favors, Birthday cleaning, Birthday balloons, Birthday pictures, Birthday Boy….I LOVE IT. I don’t love that he is growing up so fast but I LOVE planning this day for him. An unmentionable person, mentioned to me, more than once, he is going to HATE this day b/c of all the people at the house and all the hoop-la. I have to admit I didn’t care for the comment too much, in fact it hurt my feelings a bit. I know my kids personality is laid back, home-body type, but he’s bound to enjoy it some, right???? I mean, he loves other kids and he likes sharing his toys…plus he will get to have some cake. I guess in all reality, I’m planning this party for myself and others to enjoy b/c he won’t understand what it’s for BUT is that reason enough to not have a big blow out for your FIRST kids FIRST birthday?? I think/hope one day he will look back at all the pictures and be glad he had a big and fun first birthday just like every other kid. Any opinions on this? How can I make the day more about him? 1 thing I AM glad about, the next day is his actual Birthday and I have the day off so I'm thinking we will both enjoy a quiet day at home together.

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