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Tuesday's 10

Excited to say, someone has placed an Etsy order!! It’s my very first order and I can’t wait to get working on it!!! J

This morning on the radio they had a list/poll (not sure where they got the list, I missed the first part) of the top 6 things a parent should NO LONGER post on Facebook. I thought it was interesting and funny b/c it is SO true!

Announce they are pregnant in the VERY BEGINNING. 10 weeks in is a good time to start announcing.

Posts about every step of potty training.

Posts about dirty diapers/poop. (FAILED EMENSLY ON THIS ONE!!)

Posts about finishing laundry/housework.

Profile pictures should not be of JUST your baby. (FAIL)

Sonogram photos. (FAIL)

In the cafeteria at work, they sell fried chicken at 9 a.m. Nothing to go with it, just friend chicken. I find this a little early to be chowin’ down on a leg of chicken.

Wedding #1 went well!! Looking forward to the wedding this weekend!

Kaleb turned 11 months on Saturday and I FORGOT to post. I plan to make up for it on his 1 yr post. Be prepared. J

Speaking of K, he is walking better and better every day. He has learned the beginning to “patty cake”. We are working on the roll ‘em roll ‘em part. Teething has slowed down a bit. YAY.FOR.THAT.

Today is my hair appointment. I’m still in debate of what to get done. Perm? Cut? Usually I’m never this undecided about my hair b/c I know it will always grow back/out. I guess I’ll be deciding when I get there.

“Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails…that’s what little boys are made of.” Some know it, some don’t. That’s an old-school rhyme and I’m using it for Kaleb’s theme to his 1st Birthday Party. The kid LOVES dogs and LOVES playing outside so I thought this would be a great theme for him! I can’t wait to see it all come together. I’ve even been collecting snails from my flower bed, I’m not sure how I will utilize them just yet but I’ll find a way.

Member Rylynn? She had a heart transplant more than 6 months ago…she turns 3 this year!!! She is truly a miracle. I know, for sure, there were time her parents didn’t know how much longer she had but then her angel heart came and she is doing SO great! God blessed that little heart and made it just for her. If you are ever having a crumby day…just think of her and how much she went through. What an inspiration to all!

How tacky would it be to take a nap, right HERE, right NOW? *YAAAAWWWNNNN*

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