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Tuesday's Ten

SO happy to report that my #1 for today is: Kaleb had his official checkup with his ENT surgeon yesterday and he says his ears are CLEAR AND his hearing is PERFECT! YAY! I was so worried that he would report another ear infection b/c he fought off fever all weekend long. It wasn’t a BAD fever but it was constant. We are thinking more teeth?!? Story of our life…that’s ok though b/c he doesn’t have an ear infection!! YIPPIE!!

Tomorrow is me and the hubby’s 3 yr anniversary. We talked about it last night and both agree it feels like longer than 3 years…neither of us clarified if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…hmmm might have to get back to you on that one! LOL! Nah, it’s a good thing. I think it’s just that a lot can happen in 3 years so it feels longer. We are going to treat ourselves to some Mexican food (b/c we don’t eat that often enough!) and maybe a movie. HOT.DATE.

We had jell-o shots left over from the bachelorette party. I may or may-not have been sneaking some out of the fridge and eating them every now and then. Don’t judge me. They’re cute. They’re pink. They’re watermelon. They’re tasty. You would do the same.

I feel we have failed at a part of parenting. We should have left Kaleb more often with others to spend the night. The kid is NOT adjustable and he is FAR too into his schedule. He attempted to spend the night w/ Granna this weekend and it was a total FAIL. She gave him a bath at our house and then took him to her house while the bachelorette thing was happening. She said he slept from 10 to 12:30, woke up and looked around crying. He didn’t go back to sleep until 4:30 and then woke up at 6. I partially blame whatever was causing the fever. He didn’t feel good. I do however, mostly blame myself and Charles. We are both home bodies, therefore we don’t go many places or have much need for a babysitter. Ughk. I have a feeling we will not be able to reverse this until he is a bit older and can understand a little better.

This morning on the radio I heard that it’s not polite to compliment a woman on her makeup because she will perceive it as she is wearing too much. I completely disagree. First of all, why can’t women take a compliment just as it states and not turn it into something else? Secondly, why are women THAT mean? If you think she is wearing too much makeup, just don’t say anything at all. Thirdly, you will never see me compliment a female on her makeup unless I truly mean it and also, if someone compliments me on mine, I will SMILE and assume you know good makeup when you see it! ;)

My boss asked me to show him how to create a smiley face in his email. I’d like to think my job is a bit more valuable than that.

Water aerobics starts June 5th! That’s when I’ll consider getting on the weight loss bandwagon.

I fear the transition of bottle to sippy cup.

Kaleb learned to wave bye-bye last week! It’s not a consistent wave, sometimes it’s a big wave where he crosses his whole body and sometimes he barely moves his hand at all. I really love this stage where you can see them learning what you are trying to teach. Far more rewarding.

I’m thinking about a new hair-do. I’ve been saying this for a while now and nothing ever changes. Every time I go to get it cut, it never turns out like I had hoped or they won’t cut it as short as I would like. To me, it’s just hair. It will grow back if you don’t like the cut and you can change the color if you don’t like that either. I used to get it permed and I actually really liked my hair curly. Not sure what everyone else thought. I just hated that after a month of growth, it was obvious it was a perm. Also, I hate saying I get my hair permed b/c I sound like I’m 75 yrs of age. Bummer. I’m in limbo of what to do. Curly hair is sooo much faster and easier.

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