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Tuesday's Ten

I got the idea for Tuesday’s Ten from Thought it was a cute way to post random things that aren’t important enough for its own post. Now, let’s see if I can come up with 10 things for my first post. J

Kaleb’s first Easter came and went. It was more exciting for me than him. Sunday morning he threw up in church so we didn’t really stick around for the church egg hunt. I was disappointed but the truth of it is, he didn’t know the difference. The most exciting time was the evening hunt he got to do with his cousin Caden. It was just the 2 boys, I think fun was had by all. I really can’t wait for next year. =)

Basically, Kaleb learned to walk in 1 day. Saturday, he was taking about 4 steps at a time. Sunday evening, he was walking all through the house. My kid is amazing to me!

The husband got a job!!!! No more Mr. Mom. 2 paychecks will make us feel rich!

I really need to get on the weight loss band-wagon but mostly I just don’t care. A couple weeks ago I took Kaleb in the stroller and walked 2 miles, felt amazing, haven’t done it since. I’m far more interested in sitting at home in the evening and pretending like I’m getting things done. I also have no desire to eat diet foods. Yesterday I brought a lean cuisine for lunch, I ate it but wasn’t happy about it.

Kaleb learned to clap when we say, “Yay”!! Cutest.Thing.Ever.

My house is being used for a bachelorette party this weekend. I’m not hosting it, however, am really looking forward to some girl time!! The last bachelorette party I attended was my own. Really, nothing is more exciting than drinking from a penis straw. Cheers!

Teething isn’t a pretty sight. I’m assuming that is what Kaleb’s mood is from. He had ears, nose, throat checked yesterday, everything looked perfect but he still bawled this morning. Tears, drool, snot…the whole 9 yards. He was a hot mess. He has his front (top&bottom) 8 teeth in, are molars next? Is that why this time it is so much worse than the first 8. Ugh!!

Anyone else’s kid throw a MASSIVE fit when having their diaper changed? The minute I lay K down (anywhere) to change him, he gets so upset!! Is this b/c they think they are missing quality play time and they don’t want to waste time? Our night time routine has become about all I can take when it comes to getting a diaper and pj’s on. It’s one of the only times that he REALLY wears on me or pushes my button. Please, Kaleb, lay semi-still for 3.5 min and it would go so much faster and easier.

I made it to 10! Etsy has become my newest addiction. Mostly b/c Pinterest is blocked on my work computer but Etsy is still free and clear! People sell anything and everything on there. You may see my very own shop on there one of these days! ;)

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