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Yard work

Yesterday, before the HUGE rain came into town, I did a little work in the flower bed. I decided to take K outside with me. He really loves being outdoors and it seems like we don't take him out enough (mostly cause we don't really have an ideal place for him to play and I feel he's still too little to just set down and let go...he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth) Anyways, long story short, I put some shoes on him and took him out in his walker. He is still trying to get used to wearing shoes...we are working on that part. He wanted to be in the middle of everything I was doing! He wanted to taste EVERY leaf, every stick, pretty much everything he wasn't supposed to. He seemed to have fun despite the face he was constantly being told "No". After I finished up in the flower bed, we let him roam in the grass, with supervision of course. If it were up to Molly, she would have let him crawl to the next state, she was no help. Before bed, kaleb got a little Benadryl just in case he got a good dose of leaves and pollen that I was not aware of! :) Enjoy the photos!

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