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As blogger moms, we love to blog about all of our babies firsts! First tooth, first time they roll over, first time they crawl, first step, ect. When I started this blog I promised to post the good, the bad and the ugly. (Remember all the ugly pregnancy hormone posts???) :) My husband is still being stay at home daddy. (please pray a job comes SOON, we REALLY need him to go back to work) During these few months at home he will call me at work and tell me things that Kaleb did or is doing. Most of the time they involve Kman and Molly (our dog). Today was no different. Charles calls at 9:15, "well, your son likes dog food." Yes folks, I'm documenting my kids first (and unfortunately prob not last) time he ate dog food. All I could do was laugh. Kaleb dislikes most foods every kid loves but he likes dog food! Charles heard him grab a handful and ran over there but K had already put a piece in his mouth. He was able to get most of it out but still the fact remains, he had it in his mouth. I didn't think this was an appropriate FB post bc people judge and well, everything seems to get back to my mother (she would faint if she knew). I'm not prepared for a fainting then lecturing mother/granna. Happy Friday!!

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