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Best New Years Eve...ever!

Today was the BEST day I've had in a LONG time!! To start it off, K man slept until 845 this morning!! My little family stayed at home all day in our PJs and just did nothing. It was so fabulous! We napped, we played, we snacked, and we napped some more! It was JUST what I wanted! We went to church at 6 and then went to our besties friends house for a very low key celebration. There was no alcohol involved... Just some really good lasagna and sweet tea. Probably the most untraditional new years eve we could have had! Kaleb and Caden exchanged their gifts, had a little play time and then for ready for bed. We decided to call it an early night when we saw that K was ready for his own bed. We made a couple stops on our way home to wish everyone a happy new year. By the time we got home, Kaleb was wide awake! We decided to take advantage of that and ring in the new year for the first time as a family of 3.5. Charles made kman a paper hat, attached a rubber band to it and we made it an official party! We all had kisses at midnight and toasted with some formula! ;)) This was seriously the BEST new years I've ever had! It was the MOST untraditional I've ever had but it by far was the most special. My heart it warmed with all these blessings around us. I say goodnight with a smile and tears of happiness! Blessings to you in 2012!!!

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