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I love that my husband gets the chance to be a stay at home dad for a while! We all know this is my dream and prob always will. I was devastated and sick to my stomach when Charles got laid off. So many thoughts went through my head, 1 being: I'm that much further away to being able to stay home. It's only been about a month and yes, financially, we can already see its going to be tricky, but on the other side of things...I love what an eye opener it is to him!! Going into it, Charles always thought staying at home would be a breeze. Not so much. Today, he called me twice, both times I could hear K screaming in the background. As Charles puts it, he was "irate". I guess he's getting teeth in and he just isn't the happiest. While I hate that he is in pain, I have to silently laugh bc my husband is wore out!! Tonight he admitted its a lot of work and he is so ready to find a job. :) Kaleb was of course a perfect angel when mommy got home! All grins and giggles!

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