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Every Second of Every Day

The day is here. Kaleb goes to daycare tomorrow. (I'm sure in 5 years when he is headed of for Kinder, I will look back on this day and laugh) It's not a full blown daycare but it's a big step for me. It is an in-home daycare with just 3 other kiddos, one of them being Caden, Kaleb's cousin. The lady keeping him goes to our church and I have known her all my life. I trust her completly and I know she knows what she is doing. She asked me to write down a few things about his schedule and bring it on the first day. I might have gone overboard with this project. :-/ I'm a creature of habit and I don't like change. I guess my fear of change makes me worried for little K man, even though he might be just fine with change. Ugh I'm so nervous for him and for me. So after tying his day in a nutshell, I decided it would be a good thing for me to include in the blog. I will keep everyone posted with how it goes. For the record, today was hard but not as bad as I thought. My desire to be a SAHM is still as strong as ever but I realize Kaleb and I both need this seperation. It will be good for him to be around other kids. In addition, we need to buil our bank account back up in order to MAYBE get to stay at home one of these days! It will happen! Here is Kaleb's day on paper:

Kaleb is on the verge of eating 5oz’s with every bottle. When he is sleepy, he will only drink 3-4 before he falls asleep. I have packed some 4 oz and 5 oz bottles. He typically eats every 2.5 hrs. He gets burped half way through. He usually does not spit up much. If he starts to spit up a lot, let me know b/c we are searching for the right formula.

There are times that he will fight his sleep and needs a small bottle to fall asleep. (Maybe you can break him of this habit if it’s harder on you. J ) In these cases, I will make a 1 or 2 oz bottle and he usually falls asleep quickly. I have packed some extra water and formula for this. (that way you don’t have to make a whole bottle)

At home he naps for 45 min first thing in the morning. Between 10 & 11 he takes about an 1.5 hr nap. In the afternoons I pray for a 2-3 hr nap. Doesn’t always happen.

He is in his best moods in the morning. We have a play mat that he lays on for a good 45 min in the morning and watches himself in the mirror. He loves to kick around and hear the noises it makes. Other times he likes a vibrating chair, he does not really like the swing lately.

He rarely takes a pacifier but I always try.

When he wakes up from a nap, (esp. if he is in the car seat) he likes to have about 5 min to stretch out on the couch. He really LOVES to stretch. He always seems like he is about to cry or get mad but he usually never does until he realizes he’s hungry.

He is starting to really like sitting up vs. laying flat. I usually prop him on the couch and let him look around. He seems to like to watch the TV.

I usually cover him with a blanket when he naps. He seems to sleep longer if he stays pretty warm.

He loves to be up on the shoulder when he is carried.

I usually try to have some tummy time once a day. He used to really like it but he seems to get frustrated now.

Right now, he is only pooping about every 36 hrs.

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